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  1. God Your Stupid, :o Ill Give an example right now, If I can Log Back in. :lol: Also, Whats Up With You and The Karma :mega_shok: , You probbaly Switch Rooms to go look for your body ;D ;)
  2. If You Log Out Your Body Stay On The Floor Until It Turns Into A Corpse Because You Haven't Respawned :lol: , Pay Attention.
  3. Um, Obvisously Those Were From Other Pvps :crazy: And I think if you killed my barb his body would be on the floor still there. Good job at failing at Warspear v3.3.1 Come Again Soon :give_rose:
  4. ignoring that fact the heal was 144 and the ranger hit me :lol: , You Jelly? :spiteful:
  5. Stop sugarcoating ;) I got hit 4 times by a ranger and your health was fullvand had a regen pot, damn how desperate are you
  6. [quote author=Kaworu link=topic=73175.msg362778#msg362778 date=1354448299 I'm sorry, no disrespect to melzie, but I don't recall a time when she ever kicked my ass? No ones crying, just stating. As for hacker/scammer blah blah that wasn't directed at you :o but thanks for identifying me as nerd. I like cheese too. :dirol: who doesnt like cheese
  7. So asking every 5 mins isnt harassment :rofl: okay thats why I just killed you no problem :dirol: , who asked anyone to respond this is ment between me and you idgaf about anyone elses opions obv what swaaz just said is wrong because you just called me something ;) Hah, you are what you eat :lol:
  8. :dirol: hahaha Its.coming lady ;)
  9. :mega_shok: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rofl: And for all the people who dont know what happened, stfu and mind your own buisness we arent here to take sides, and before coolcat says '' You're saying thay cquse noones on your side'' Theres alot of people on my side that why you obv get ganked alot, but hey if people wanna be bandwagon riders let em be not like we can change what happened. Eventually you'll mature and realize its a game. Basically all you can do is keep me out of pvp cave for what an 1 hour? Then imma be questin for that hour, come back then what? If you hvent realized I havent be using my rouge that often cause im practing my barb skills cause when im done planning what im planning, what im planning on doing with the help from REAL friends(Not just people who help you kill others) then you'll see the problem you caused like. Theres always two sides to one story, but im not gonna tell you who to believe or not. Im not paying you back, I was going to yes, but when its to the point of me getting harassed everyday then no duck you I can just go mc side and start from there, and dont forget all you can do is kill me BIG FUC*ING DEAL.I dont ask anyone for help I only pm people if its needed to ( with the exception of three). But like I said im not.gonna pay you back. And for all you people who are with him, you can stay with hij not changing your mind but realize that you know you would do the same if someones harassing you
  10. You know I made my mind up and im 17 :facepalm: and yes I was seriously gonna pay you, but then I got a brain.
  11. sorry I had to tell Link the truth :pardon: to me honestly You're a hypocrite. Nuff Said, also Link really knows the truth, thats just how it is. Also, Theres plenty of things you wish you knew that I know, that you dont realize is that I never said you were a bad person, just admit I dont owe you anything thats what this whole thing is about. All you had to do was be patient be you made me more and more irritated by always shoving it in my face, but im no victim im done bad things, and so have you so we really need to talk this through cause im at my wits end. Just saying :friends:
  12. You dont need to pot against me right? okay, good boy. Im here pushing a friendships, you say? I only pm three people in this game Zythus, zhuronghu, and nastygas/lenoaxe. And about zhuronghu why did you have to bring her into this she didnt do shit to you, you're clearly a hypocrite :facepalm: and Male me and coolcat used to be the best of friends but you dont know what I know about this kid :tease:
  13. male you always got my back :dirol: dont step to close to the flames coolcatkid cause shit will burn :aggressive: ;)
  14. FYI I left FEAR maybe catch up with the program and yousay you dont pot with coolcatkid with you do on numerous occasions im guessing your next excuse is link did it, right? And great you have a shaman zzzz I thouht you werent joining mc side, ugh you were always a follower sit down and learn from the best, I dont need high amps like you do, and also you know the only reason you keep killing me is because you hate the fact that im right. So this is my last time stepping down to your ignorance wanna be a follower, stalker, or a pedophile? Heh, be my guest idgaf anymore so have fun killing me but remember for every good thing theres a bad thing coming your way ;) so have fun in the long run bro. (All lolipops are sweet, but when they run out of flavor you dont sit and eat the paper the paper eats you, thats just the way the cookie crumbles I guess :spiteful:)
  15. Theres things you havent realized, nastyfartt is lvl 15 your 18 with bg yet with coolcatkid you pot and do what ever it takes to beat me :spiteful:
  16. Nastyburp

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    Hehe I should be watching you :spiteful: :aggressive:
  17. Example A: Stalker and a pedophile whats next?
  18. Nastyburp

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    Shes my master whatcha expect :good:
  19. Doom weapons are the hardest weapons to get they are lvl 18 equips that you could get from khaaz shar(eye) but since swamps update if your lucky u can get a doom from hydra quest :facepalm:
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