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  1. :lol: Hows it feel lose :good:
  2. :lol: that was before I amped :spiteful: now your scared everytime u see me
  3. how can u kick my ass if your mc :facepalm: step up kiddo .. :spiteful:
  4. Trying to get equips? Damn you suck :bad: . Told The same thing to lenoaxe. Me Getting double teamed during pvp ;D :crazy:
  5. ;D Cute too bad you ran out of cave before nastyburp showed up ;)
  6. Charge Fail O:-) , but im not complaining :clapping: good job!!!! ( Try Doing That To Nastyburp :spiteful: ) i top over you anyway possible ;)
  7. mmmm maybe ill get +8 :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok:
  8. More Than One Friend, Whats up with you a invalid infomation. I Thought you were stalking me ;)
  9. Heres a taste of my skill ;D ( Except putang he was naked) :bad:
  10. Excuses ;D I killed everyone of your chars and your scared to show your face in pvp :blush:
  11. your pladains never touched my barb yet :crazy: go get valid information. For Your Pladain ----v
  12. sorry this clan will fall, pladains suck :crazy: i beat lvl 20 pladain when my barb was lvl 14
  13. I prefer mine to be melted :bad: any other cheese is disgusting
  14. Everyone i know knows im not a scammer. Never Have Never Will
  15. Evidence? No,You're just saying shit wishing i said it damn what next, you gonna say i said il suck your dick for a sign? Faggot. :bad:
  16. Wheres my Picture I dont see it on Forum, Woops Whos That Sexy Devil :give_rose: :spiteful: :lol:
  17. Getting me mixed with Link, Faggot. NO. I wouldnt give you Bad Karma If You Didnt Give me, but if you wanna be on smite list let it keep going :spiteful: Either Way, Remember when you said you like to Put maranara sauce in yourbath tub and pretend like your a meatball? Never looked at you the same ever again :bad:
  18. HES FAT :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 100% EXPECTED :cray: im always right
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