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  1. i tried making it look "scripted" :pardon:
  2. Hope It Was Worth The Durability loss ;D Edit: Sorry i had to do it screenshot by screenshot :good:
  3. :nea: thats all I wanted to hear, so you'll stop fighting me on forum and the game coolcat?
  4. i fail at killing you Lmao go to for those who ere wondering he learned real quick im not easy to duck with anymore
  5. Me needing maraksha? Lmao I need Kratt but thats the least of my worries? So now how many lies have you.told 4? Your trying to make slund like you kill my bd by yourself, nahhh you have a warlock and a shaman after me to and luckly while you logged off I took care of thier asses names was bballman&noobers get at me 8) turt member the fjrst time I came to cve and I hit you once and everyone jumped on me werent you the one cryin in pvp cve about HELP ME KILL GODSDAGGER
  6. Yeah um one flaw? There was war at the time and I took care of all your friends you just a pussy who gouges and waits for.my.hp to low. Man up. :rofl: and im the pussy lmfao :pardon: you health was half after two hits from both of my chars LMFAO
  7. nahhhh, what im doing makes 100% sense if you and link know my email and someone else logs my acc it was either you or link and link barely plays and you were on at this that time ITS PRETTY F*CKING LOGICAl Shes accusing me of hacking trying to turn the tables b*tch please.
  8. duck what you or any of your friends sayyour the only one why knows my email besides link but hes barely on you've get explaining to do. Mrsxlove is so f*cking stulid skypers deleted her mc and made another acc CALLED Skypers on elf its a mage dont poat false information dumbass
  9. So literally a few mins ago 8:40 right now ( 5:40 where coolcat lives) I was at pvp and out of nowhere it says Another persom deteced on acc or whatever, and idc if you dont believe me or not I wanna know why cool was trying to log-in to my acc :crazy:
  10. Stuck in arena armor? Lmao get your facts straight, im not in arena gear to just be in it I love having resilence, why dont you.pvp my barb turtle? Or are you to scared :spiteful: also turtle have you seen my bd, or my rouge, they'd rape you 5 hits TOPS and fyi I have a ranger and a shaman in training cool ''beware'' :pleasantry:
  11. something you wish you were 8) yeah cause it rapes your druid real good :give_rose:
  12. See I know how to have fun, Still butthurt I see? :spiteful:
  13. my mages is my weakest char so yeah you should feel weak :yahoo: I me like if you cant barely even beat my mage, imagine what my archer/bd would do to you :bad:
  14. how am I a pussy if you cant beat me :search: When turtle gets +4 then we can.talk :rofl: :rofl:
  15. Shouldn't you be hiding from the cops right now? :bad: Hypocrite
  16. explains why swamps is a pain well done ::)
  17. stfu and stop being a F***ing nerd for once would ya?
  18. buahahahah I love it when elves rage at me for being naked :spiteful:
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