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  1. Congratulations for the winners @}- Well-deserved
  2. Hi there, please report this kind of matter to Support Team ( [email protected] ) Explain the details and attach the proof (ss / video) Also, it takes up to 5 working days for Support Team to work on the matter.
  3. Hello, you need to wait for special occassion that allow you to restore characters since a certain period (the last occassion was in June 2020).
  4. It hangs on first screen, clicked on "Play" button then it displayed as in ss not long after that. Upd : sent the report ^^
  5. I'm facing the same problem today, using wifi it says "could not connect to server", while there isn't any problem with the connection. Any idea? @Cardinal @Akasha @snorlax
  6. Hi there, add my name to your friendlist, i will help you ^^ ~ Lexie
  7. This is related to activities like in dungeons (boss stage) in which you are always in battle mode.
  8. 90days after deletion, unless there is special event to restore the ones deleted few years back.
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