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  1. Krystal

    Why no exp per kill?

    The ones working hard on leveling their chars will survive in this game, mostly, and the ones who just want easy way do trading accounts, and they don't stay long in this game. During leveling progress by questing you can find alot of interesting things, just enjoy the progress!
  2. Krystal

    Technical support

    Hello, support team is coming back from holiday today, please directly send a ticket to suppor and wait for the reply ^^ Have a nice day!
  3. Krystal

    Hello, please help me.

    Try to reset connections 🙂 Sometimes it is because too many players logging at same time
  4. Krystal

    Account Blocked

    sorry to hear it #don't worry, it is a good english
  5. Hello there! You can obtain ethereal catalysts from purple-colored weapons only, and ethereal substances from purple-colored gears only. Let me summarize a little : Catalysts > weapons Substances > gears Essences > accessories Common ess/cata/subs = grey, green, blue, purple-colored Composite ess/cata/subs = green, blue, purple-colored Energy ess/cata/subs = blue, purple-colored Ethereal ess/cata/subs = purple-colored Conclusion : If you disassembly - purple-colored wpns, you have chance to get all kinds of catas - purple-colored gears, you have chance to get all kinds of subs - purple-colored accessories, you have chance to get all kinds of ess Tips : Well, buy cheap gears/access/wpns from market or farm them from bosses. There is no way to get them easily, it is all depends on your luck, check out the summay i wrote above ^^ Good Luck
  6. Krystal

    Account Blocked

    I'm sorry, i have to inform you that technical support staffs are on holiday started 27.12 and will be ae to answer all questions only after 09.01 You have another account to play perhaps? Maybe you can consider to enjoy the game by other ways
  7. Krystal

    Amp failure

    Amp system works randomly, but don't be upset because you can't be unlucky all the time, there are times you are lucky and unlucky, and it is an ordinary thing 🙂
  8. Wow o: such a surprise gift on a Chritmas Day! I feel so happy, appreciated, and honored to be mentioned Thank you Marina, Tim, and other un-mentioned admins Feliz Navidad
  9. Teamwork plays a great role here ^^ Try to get best available party combination My pt was warden, ranger, priest, and 2x bd, we did well with 4mins time left 🙂 For elf side, warden is a great tanker here, ranger and mage do great dmg as ranger plays in speed, and mage in aoe, priest as healer + dmger and as the one to remove stuns using redemption
  10. Mind to reveal the % and durations :3 ?