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  1. Ah i got it, it crashes when u inspect someone + click on item links
  2. Krystal


    Hehe sure @}- Hello there! If you want to build your priest for support, beside aura and healing touch, you can consider to lvl armistice (+ dmg for other players), redemption (aoe healing), and gods' help (+ speed and critical hit).
  3. Krystal

    Need infó relic

    Each crafting costs 20k/relic These were notes of my guild for costs of gold : *625k-* lv2 tower *800k-* lvl4 castle *450k-* lvl3 castle *250k-* lvl1 tower I don't really remember the costs of gp. Hope it helps a little!
  4. Krystal

    Need infó relic

    Hi there, u may want to check this thread for explanations of castle relics : ^^
  5. Creating elf chars in old accs is always allowed, but for new acc u need to balance the population by creating mc chars before u can make an elf char. Hope it works! Good luck
  6. Let's wait for official remarks from admin here
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