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  1. Further informations will be disclosed on release post as usual. ☺️
  2. Krystal


    I don't think it is cheating, it is more like a conspiracy Your guild can also get your own allies
  3. Krystal

    Making the Impossible Possible

    I'm sorry guys Tamer likes to show-off lately Anyway @Hapimonas i like the style of how u killing adds there and rushing to finish dg
  4. Congratulations! Best of lucks (=
  5. Krystal

    EU Emerald - ABC Family

    But sulla was always a mc, and u are mercurial was with shyleen on elf side together with marcin etc
  6. Krystal

    EU Emerald - ABC Family

    Yo veteran eu mc players
  7. Krystal

    Why is warspear so laggy

    The servers connections are getting worse these several days 😕 skills delays, lags, position bugs
  8. Many are busy, so can't really enjoy the events
  9. Krystal


    Happens several time, just a visual bug 😅 relog and it will be fine
  10. Krystal


    No supports here, all are treated same here, no matter in what guild nor what class you are. All opinions are appreciated, only on how you express them, it should be in proper way, don't get rage. Please keep forum away from dramas and personal problems. Have a nice day!
  11. Krystal

    How to report a player ingame?

    1) Firstly go https://warspear-online.com/en/support and choose "Suggestions and other questions" or directly make an email to [email protected] 2) Provide all necessary infos + ss, and write the reason. 3) Click "Send"
  12. EVEN if we had, we wouldn't give hints moreover spoilers regarding it
  13. Why not? As long as you make it clear, understandable, and useful for players !
  14. Yes, via castle market in castle area ^^