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  1. I believe xp pot wont work for the case of exchanging reps into xp.
  2. That's sad, the mcoin purchase through google play requires you to update/install warspear on play store
  3. Even GM can't measure the balance. that's the use of suggestions, to know how players feel about the skills, pluses and minuses. As an elf i feel that legion classes stun alot even with the resistance, still can't counter them. P.S. Kinda off-topics if we keep discussing this
  4. They have too many stun skills, i agree. Would it be more balanced if devs add stun skills for sentinels, and add dmg skills for legion, you think?
  5. In general, i like the overall gameplay of warspear, it makes the game unique and different from other MMOs, just like Skylore and Warspear. In the past, the amount of players in 1 party was 8. And players used to complain about bows/cbows dropping in legion side, but it got fixed by new faction with hunter inside it. So, regarding your suggestions, i think the things are fine as they are, for now.
  6. Well zeus's edit is really funny
  7. Agreed. Abit dissapointed on this Also players act exaggerated-ly on some changes like mage's eye from 50% accu into 25% as if it was the end of mages already, while some other skills get buffed.
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