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  1. Never seen this topic before.. And ofc i voted "YES!" for this suggestion... Hmm... 66 voted "yes", 2 voted "no" Who voted no? -_-
  2. Good job, Bram! O: Many elves and chosen need to do chainless nowadays, but most of high lvl ppls are in norlants swamps and only some ppls that can help them.. My bd also need to do chainless, still haven't kill granite guard...
  3. Ur rank will be changed from newbie to user if u have post until 50
  4. What happen to US-Sapphire?? Why this server always down and down?? Please fix this also the arena point reduction..!!
  5. Oh no, bad.. !! :( server down again :diablo: Why only US-Sapphire?? :facepalm:
  6. OK good, it's only maintenance Thanks Snor :D
  7. I'm from Asia and play in US-Sapphire.. :) I think US-Sapphire is more excited...
  8. Kathleen

    Best staff

    Twisted stave has both astral and moon
  9. Kathleen

    Best staff

    Twisted stave for heal and twisted charge for atk
  10. Yes, Pummy is right! That's the answer of ur confusion Kara..
  11. yes, i know that, i also feel happy when ppls say "thanks" to me...
  12. In this case, high lvl players will get a reward such us experinces, some gold, m.coins or random items by helping low lvl players (under lvl 14) complete their regular or chainless quests.. More frequently helping or more hard the quest, more bigger the reward that will be received.. This can motivate high lvl players to help low lvl players...
  13. Kathleen

    Delete Swamps.

    Pvprange is really funny lol.. :D:D
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