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  1. 31 minutes ago, crnoss said:

    ım not gm ı cant calculete balance but ı can say this if u use resistance skill legion need more dmg skils.I wanted play at legion i didnt bc of that

    Even GM can't measure the balance. :happy: that's the use of suggestions, to know how players feel about the skills, pluses and minuses. 


    As an elf i feel that legion classes stun alot even with the resistance, still can't counter them.


    P.S. Kinda off-topics if we keep discussing this


  2. 32 minutes ago, crnoss said:



    ı bet you are, but mc side classes too weak they need dmg buff skills ı dont know how they are now.

    They have too many stun skills, i agree. Would it be more balanced if devs add stun skills for sentinels, and add dmg skills for legion, you think?

  3. In general, i like the overall gameplay of warspear, it makes the game unique and different from other MMOs, just like Skylore and Warspear.


    In the past, the amount of players in 1 party was 8. And players used to complain about bows/cbows dropping in legion side, but it got fixed by new faction with hunter inside it.


    So, regarding your suggestions, i think the things are fine as they are, for now.

  4. 3 hours ago, Wongs said:

    stop buffing some classes which already too strong such as shaman charmer bd druid,too many stun or control skill is bad experience for other char in pvp

    Agreed. Abit dissapointed on this :help-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


    Also players act exaggerated-ly on some changes like mage's eye from 50% accu into 25% as if it was the end of mages already, while some other skills get buffed.

  5. On 9/13/2019 at 7:14 PM, symbx said:

    If someone used or saw the crystal of bloodlust in weapon please send us screen at vk, telegram or forum (pm, no need to create posts). We need statistic to create formulas.

    Hello, here are some screenshots of the enchants :

    1) 2-Handed Weapons





    2) 1-Handed Weapons




    Hope they help abit ^^

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