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  1. A guildmate said he got 2pcs ether ess + 3pcs dmg3 from technopolis myth, isn't this mean 3 rewards for myth dungeons?
  2. Welcome, Peony! Hope you enjoy being here, and let's be friends!
  3. To be honest, "account banned" option directs you to topic : Regarding this issue, i recommend https://warspear-online.com/en/support/payments-problem
  4. Can be one of those.. Rank/interaction fuction
  5. Hello, since explorer-ranked members can withdraw things from castle warehouse and no activity castle log either, i'd like to suggest an alternative solution for this. What's it? I would name it "Enable Castle Warehouse Withdrawl". By request of certain members or when there are some trusted members, we can enable this function. Feel free to comment or if you have better idea, post it here
  6. A little revision rei, symbols? I think words or characters :3
  7. Less than 10mins even, feeling tp hard is the easiest xD when have warden TS myth is challenging :!
  8. https://db.warspear.pp.ua/en This is for updated calculator, good luck
  9. Caramel

    Cant open t3

    You need to do some yellow quests after completing tt hard quest, which bring you to t3 aquaintance ^^
  10. @Reivenorik Regarding t5 ayv, do we need to complete all yellow quests in t4 before obtaining yellow quests in t5? ._. Edit : fixed in pm
  11. Buy 2 x Teddy Bear costume pm Stephanie / Chunhua US-Sapphire elf side
  12. I think the healing basic skills here are the one which use "magics" to heal ._. Not by a skill such aggro... Just my opinion
  13. Caramel


    Because it is online-based, so 12h normal hours, not playing hours ^^ Pot time runs even when u aren't playing.
  14. You can only remove the skin using cleansing scroll ^^
  15. Thats how i build my seeker on pvp setup
  16. Meh i still havent done :/ need ether cata Congrats anyway
  17. You have higher chance to get them from grey and green gears and wpns. But the problem is that hard to find those gears and wpns.
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