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  1. Till now i have been sent ss of 98.9% cd
  2. Here is the link of official support : https://warspear-online.com/en/support Or you can directly send an email to [email protected].com Explain the situations and write necessary infos there, good luck
  3. In addition, the mechanics of aggression skills have been changed. Now the skills applied to the specific enemy do not remove the current target of the attack when imposing aggression. To apply this skill to another person, you need to reset the current target of the attack by clicking on the empty spot on the location or on the opponent himself and use the skill This one?
  4. What kind of nerf do you mean? Wasn't it a change of mechanism?
  5. Hello there, reinstall your application and download the latest version from official site or google playstore (android) / app store (ios) Good luck!
  6. They are working on it, please be patient. The announcement will be posted regarding this.
  7. Omg yea xD was drunk maybe😱
  8. Several skills still stay as previous ones (before update). Need to fix them
  9. Now u can get several colors of craft materials depending on quality of gears (gray, green, blue, purple - colored gears) e.g. You have the chance to get common, amplified, energy, and etheral catalysts from a single purple-colored aka unique weapon
  10. This stays permanently, just like an endless cycle. When devs try to achieve balance, there are always pros and cons from both sides
  11. You just want shaman to be buffed, every player wants the best for their classes Shaman is a god of totems anyway _(._.)_
  12. My feeling strongly says the update will be at the same moment of when arena season ends.
  13. Sorry for the dramas.and over-joking people 😅 Anyway thanks for the translations Higgs! And thank you for devs team who have worked hard for things and face much complaints from players (^^)/ Just curious, but i'd like to see the statistics of test server, such as : number of players online. @PeonyIs it possible? And how about others' opinion?
  14. I don't think that's a good idea.. Ether cata costs much less than ether ess, people will convert their ether cata into ess ._. Just my opinion. Anyway ess will still be used for accessories.
  15. It won't, based on what i read, it is the new currency for top rankers which can be traded into desired greatness gears from mentioned npcs, in which ap is still used on the counting of top rankers and also used to buy ordinary arena gears.
  16. Not really xd it is the matter of time, money, and the alliances
  17. Aw 😕 i have collected ess for new lv28 craft, so now i will have to re-collect again. Found russian characters here 😛
  18. I buy mcoins, but my drop rate is never good, my chars are just unlucky .😅
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