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  1. Druid ofc :P Not too good in PvP but druid is a good healer, sometimes can be great tanker :D
  2. Lexie

    I quit -.-

    Aw, more players quit
  3. In your opinion, how many signs do you need to amplify: 1. +1 to +5 Scepter of Sudden Doom 2. +1 to +7 Astrologer Stave 3. +3 to +7 Acute Flamberge
  4. This topic is special for US-Sapphire players ;D
  5. This topic is for players who have problems related to their quests, such as need help, stuck, or confuse in any quest, and players who have problem with their quest will get responses or answers from the more experienced player. :drinks: Every answers, responses, and discussions are appreciated. :)
  6. Which side is your main char on? :clapping: Just want to know :pardon:
  7. Oops sorry :! I meant v3.00 PS : I'm using phone, so I can't modify my post, sry! :!
  8. I thought u were new here in ws, maybe u played ws since v3.5? :! Good luck and have a nice days in ur real life anyways.. Cheers! :drinks:
  9. Zeus, Russell was right lol! I talked about mobs near Caravan and you was talked about mobs near Kamp-Riff. :drinks:
  10. The mobs near caravan also easy to be killed, the drops would be at 5g
  11. Good Luck Bim! Smga Menang! :give_rose: :friends: Bagus kok! :good:
  12. Lexie

    Few questions

    @lazlo Yep, ludebude is right! Mercenery pirate and undead bear also drop sphere dmg & def 1 (mostly sphere def 1). Fyi some mobs such as wolves and evil satryl in 1st island also drop sphere def even dmg but it's rarely happen.. :)
  13. Lexie

    Few questions

    1.Yes, bosses with red crown can drop some items like spheres dmg &def 2 and equipments.. But only bosses in 2nd island that can drops those items and only some bosses in 1st island that can drop spheres def & dmg 1. 2.Yea, u can buy extra pocket from mshop use mcoins or just buy it from ppls use gold. U can buy mcoins through sms payment, tap joy, boa combra, credit card and mol depend on which country do u living in. 3.Not now, but it will be exist after update v3.44 or v3.5 (see it on news&announcements)
  14. Ouh.. U r 1 year younger than me :lol: :friends:
  15. So many scammers in US!! :rolf: Let's make the list of the scammers in US!
  16. Hmm.. Night and Day.. Seems interesting...
  17. @Chrono Yup, i'm a girl :P So u didn't know it lol?? :mega_shock:
  18. @Russel I'm sorry.. :( My parents only allowed me to play on holidays and weekend for 2 hours each day.. But i will help u update when i have time... :) Cheers!
  19. For snorlax, r0land, or the other mods.. Stick this topic, please..!! =)
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