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  1. Sadly not even admin knows it
  2. People usually buy items via players not via market, let's say, they buy 3k/set tele scrolls on sale day, then the next day they start to sell 500g/pc on market, they don't lose the reselling ability, and receiving parameter isn't a problem in this case. Also, for gears, costumes, and other unconsumable items? Really want to make it "receiving" parameter? I think it's hard. I myself, as a player won't like this to happen.
  3. A rogue/seeker can be detected by the higher lvl adds when they are in stealth mode. Higher lvl of adds, higher the ability to detect camouflaged players. For me, scroll of punisher works much better than invisible inks.
  4. This will be the answer.
  5. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but on Androids users also can't link directly from world chat. I bet it is same for all, means you can't link from world chat nor link to world chat.
  6. Too much understanding and patience given
  7. Hahah exactly, meh the productions are stopped
  8. Yes u need to get hp of buildings on 100 to be able to lvl it up xD just like amplifying a gear hahah
  9. Yeah higgs because they will disappear after event I havent done any spam this week xd
  10. Ikr, so much boring But the drops u can get are tempting those dmg access
  11. U guys sound so disappointed Anyway, take ur time aigrind
  12. rogue is better to have sleep, how about priest?
  13. That's why my guild never repair buildings unless necessary for lvling up At last buildings will get dmged again after productions for sometime. Kinda much cost
  14. Caramel

    chests and amping.

    There is an amplification table posted by a member, and one of admins has clarified it, i will try to find, it is in guide section And this is the link : credit to @Shitzo
  15. Animals lover here I'd like to get a doggy but i don't really have time to maintain it also parents won't like it
  16. Caramel

    Log on before war

    Sometimes the connection is unstable, us server wasn't down. Try to reset your connection (: ...
  17. Rogue has alrdy dodge skill, stun? I don't really know but which stun, but rogue has gauge to make enemy sleeps
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