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  1. I like the new database site ^^ user-friendly, and complete infos, but found some errors like for crystal dagger great enchant 馃槃
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    Hello there Irish, welcome to forum! Anyway i wonder whether "dislike" button will be added in the future
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    This is better 馃槃 I agree on reducing baits respawn time, when i'm doing the dailies, so annoying to wait my pt who want to complete all the baits quests that we need to walk to each bait area and wait like 10mins because too many pts doing dailies triggering baits to spawn -,- At last, after done killing spiders and 200k bosses, i choose to solo the minibosses and when passing the baits areas, i try my best to avoid from spawning baits, still sometimes it is unavoidable xD with me as a seeker, kinda hard to solo the baits myself #end of story
  4. I believe it is not a problem, as well as some contestants do write hidden stories ^^
  5. Nice to see you here again, Samuel Best of lucks
  6. You probably cleared the data?
  7. BD isn't magic user, unlike pala nor charmer. The magic you got is default for all classes.
  8. A guildmate said he got 2pcs ether ess + 3pcs dmg3 from technopolis myth, isn't this mean 3 rewards for myth dungeons?
  9. Welcome, Peony! Hope you enjoy being here, and let's be friends!
  10. To be honest, "account banned" option directs you to topic : Regarding this issue, i recommend https://warspear-online.com/en/support/payments-problem
  11. Can be one of those.. Rank/interaction fuction
  12. Hello, since explorer-ranked members can withdraw things from castle warehouse and no activity castle log either, i'd like to suggest an alternative solution for this. What's it? I would name it "Enable Castle Warehouse Withdrawl". By request of certain members or when there are some trusted members, we can enable this function. Feel free to comment or if you have better idea, post it here
  13. A little revision rei, symbols? I think words or characters :3
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