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  1. Meh i still havent done :/ need ether cata Congrats anyway
  2. You have higher chance to get them from grey and green gears and wpns. But the problem is that hard to find those gears and wpns.
  3. You talk as in pvp-built priest. I'm not full pvp, with elu 3/4 and word 2/5. But my priest is more likely for pve. XD
  4. Hmm... dg12 drops lv9 wpns :3 dg8 drops gloves and boots. In this part, each dg has its own specialized drops ._. As i experienced
  5. Dragon Priestess in animated armor area Ah, @Frozento spasibo @Aкasha we missed a boss :p
  6. I don't think it is a drama Only the topic will be locked at the end, anyway
  7. It has nothing to do with warning here xD it is your business with onepunch
  8. Hehe maybe, umm ._. Don't know, i only remember the norlant one
  9. I like the barber set on 400medals... unique you're right, we can craft everything we want
  10. Hehe.. It is boring, but necessary for medals achievements
  11. Edit : oh i think i have mistaken echo of tragedy qst to this one
  12. No ._. Only buy rookie craft licenses (+50% experience) from other players
  13. Congrats, i started crafting in middle of 2016, i got 5 maxed crafts, 2 crafts lv1, and 1 on progress (lv15)
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