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  1. Blossoms

    Bladedancer's Sap against mobs and Bosses

    High lvled mobs and bosses tend to have more resistance or so since update. They can resist the controlling skills ._. Not only bd's but all classes'
  2. Blossoms

    Miracle Coins Free

    Edit : I've just figured out the problem, for free mcoin offer, after completing the requirements, u need to wait for a certain time to get the mcoins, the status of the offer u are doing is listed as in below : And you see the ?Support below all offers list :
  3. Blossoms

    Banimento e Explicação

    Ola! You need to wait till monday for the answer as aigrind is on holiday on weekends :) it may takes up to 4 working days for support team to figure out and then reply to your email. @Aкasha may explain in portuguese for u if necessary. Good luck
  4. Blossoms

    use two account

    As Akasha said (= + I want to add something that if u use two accs at the same time on a single computer (called as multilogging), it is banned, because u are only allowed to use one acc per one device.
  5. Blossoms

    [2018.06.18] Game servers restart

    Why u keep the essence + symbols in castle wh? Use a char or several chars to store them :p special used for guild stuffs or such P.S. But the activity log is still needed for castle however.
  6. Blossoms

    [2018.06.22] Game servers restart

    It isn't supposed to be, because that chest is special and only can be gotten 1x by existing characters and new chars which are created during the birthday event
  7. Blossoms

    [2018.06.22] Game servers restart

    Seems so, it should be only 1 chest per character, but i heard low lvls getting more than 1 chest aka 1 chest daily
  8. Blossoms

    [2018.06.22] Game servers restart

    What kind of bugs @Nihtgale :) ?
  9. There always be a reason why an account and the related accounts are banned :) Please contact support team for this https://warspear-online.com/en/support/restore-account Provide required informations there, and you may receive a reply within up to 4working days. This is a reminder for you :
  10. U are a gay admit it, more people will know it soon
  11. Blossoms

    [2018.06.21] New Heroes of Arinar Offer!

    New chars = New heroes