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  1. Teamwork plays a great role here ^^ Try to get best available party combination My pt was warden, ranger, priest, and 2x bd, we did well with 4mins time left πŸ™‚ For elf side, warden is a great tanker here, ranger and mage do great dmg as ranger plays in speed, and mage in aoe, priest as healer + dmger and as the one to remove stuns using redemption
  2. Let me give my opinion for US server, and i can say that Sentinel side is so active on all aspects, while Legion side is abit dead, yes, as well as Sentinel side has much more population as for now. I can't say about transfer, but tournament with mixed guilds of eu and us would be fun! Make it as monthly event perhaps?
  3. Caramel

    update error

    Have you tried to reset your mobile connection?
  4. I think the current cc equipements from guild merchants are just to help newbies, i meant they help much for newcomers in which cc has lower prices at the moment, that's my opinion.
  5. Caramel

    Guild upgrade cost

    If you were pointing at higher lvls guilds, you only can ask heirs/leaders of those higher lvl guilds....
  6. We don't know yet until we try it ._. But thanks for the info!
  7. It depends of skill build of paladins themselves πŸ™‚ pala is good at both pvp and pve
  8. So has it been fixed..? Because the bug happened in US server some months ago
  9. If there is none kind of guide, i'd like to make one
  10. Only the list or with description?
  11. I don't know whether it is intentional or not.. Same happened as in US.
  12. True, makes people wonder...
  13. It means you get your life steal stat increased by 15% for 10s when enemy ignores (dodge/parry/block/resist) your skill (debuff skill type).
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