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  1. http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/Number666/calendar.html
  2. Just read this. I give the guy props on learning the language. Try to learn russian? I have with the 46? (not sure if its 46 or 48) character alphabet it's extremely hard to learn.
  3. Anyone else notice that 2 of the second place winners don't meet conditions? Not that I care but the I find it amusing that the devs dont follow there own conditions. Congratz to all who won btw! :good: Very interesting pictures.
  4. First off i need the prices of level 13 gear for rogue all of it. Also, is extra pockets tradeable and if so how much do they sell for?
  5. Placed an application on your guild page for the clan.
  6. LMAO your sig is hilarious sticks and stone may break my bones... who wants to get stoned? I do.
  7. [glow=red,2,300] Art takes time and patience remember that 1 fact. You may be a artist and never knew it. If you try to draw something completly badass in a hour compared to a week. What do you think would turn out better? [/glow] [glow=green,2,300] Thanks to all who have submitted ideas so far. Please know I am working on your pictures slowly but surely.[/glow]
  8. That should work. Ill try to do it for ya.
  9. I am still intrested in join the fear clan. Awesome name. Your cool so i must assume everyone else is pretty cool and im on the level up mojo im almost level 11 on my rogue. Toke me 3 days to get to level 11 and that is with college and a job. haha
  10. Very useful tip. A lot of people seem to post this.What I did was do the 'earn mcoins' and got the intiates armor so that you could sell the noob armor and make that cushion and also makes you pretty much invincible in arena so you just do the 5 free arena each day so you can get to level 15 faster. The intiates armor is 399 mcoins (yes it seems like a lot but there is a lot of easy points to earn if your willing to do it).
  11. Ill try and message you what I get.
  12. Ill see what I can do.
  13. Do you have or can you find a picture of this character and of the "Solaire of Astora"? Pencil and paper and thumb for shading thats my trick.
  14. The only struggle with mmos in most clases. At least if you need help on the more hp monster quest.
  15. Rogue, im liking this class a lot more then the dk.
  16. Yes, Im a newbie but know this. Ive played other mmos and it doesnt take me long to level. So i will eventually not be a newbie. So, if your willing to accept me into your clan. Even on a temp/watching level. I'd be more then happy to join. I'm a nice person. I try to help out. With the stuff I know now(which is short of nothing at the moment.) Finally, this game is fun but nobody to talk to/level with will make this game very boring, very fast. [glow=red,2,300] Thank you for your consideration. If you want me then message me on one of my toons or post on here.[/glow]
  17. Skull3us

    A quest

    I like the idea, but if you really need a repair just jump on the earn mcoins and do one of the simple ones and bam! there ya go. If you don't play on a phone (may just be android) then this quest would be very good and maybe more then 1 coin a quest per day or more then 1 quest you can do a day but I say 2 thumbs up! :good:
  18. Skull3us

    Drawing Ideas!

    I will try to draw anything you guys give me a idea to draw. I will also send you a message of the picture before I post on here and give you props if you suggested the idea. Also, by all means this doesn't mean my art is your art. It only means that my art started with your idea. ;) Also, if you want me to draw you. Before you even ask. No. I do not wanna upset anyone if they do not like the drawing. If you would like for me to !TRY! and draw your toon on here, before you ask try yourself. If you cannot do it. I will consider it but no promises. So, in summary I ask to ideas. Can be game related can be something you would just like to be saw drawn but no pictures of yourself and try to draw your toon before I will consider it. Finally, I am by all means not the Di Vinci of drawing. I am a what I like to call a 'Hobby artist' [glow=green,2,300]Remember art takes time, patience, and a keen eye.[/glow] [glow=red,2,300]Thanks in advance to anyone who posts an idea.[/glow]
  19. Not to be mean or criticize your English but what?
  20. As the title explains it, I'd like to see another one. For 2 reasons; 1) I just started and I can draw decently so I would like a chance to win something. 2) Who doesn't like drawing or at least looking at art?
  21. Yeah, I didn't even try to work thru your formula. I'm not a idiot I just dont have time but it's obvious you spent time on it so I say. Good Job!
  22. Yep, that is me. Im new to this game. Just picked it up a few days ago. Only level 5 and I think what keeps drawing me in is the original leveling system. (maybe not but it is to me) The only other game Ive seen the kind of leveling system in is Guild wars. Not 2 and you got most of the EXP from questing and max level is 20. So, now that, that is over with; i figure its time to introduce myself. Like I said earlier I'm new to warspear online and it's fun so far. My favorite part of the game is that it's questing not grinding, by which I mean go kill a mob 5 million times to get a level. So, I play the death knight? I think that is it and he is level 5 almost 6 and I like the class so far but my question is, is it a good class for end game pvp? I understand he is a tank, sword and shield staring out, pull aggro skill, and the pull mob from afar. Which makes me believe for them 2 skills alone they are probably a good tanking class. After that, I wanna know if they has got good dps end game? I'm not much of a tanker though I have played tanks on other mmos. I.E. wow, gw, and runes of magic. Last but not least, is there a guild system in the game? I have not notice one so far. So my only guess would be not offically but there is a guild system in every mmo weather devs want it or not. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have so far. Names Jake btw.
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