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  1. lol dev, u improved 4 of mc/forsaken character's skils.. And elf? JUST ranger and priest.. I think it still unfair.. Cause mc/forsaken has great skil than elf/choosen.. I think u (dev) already knw it or the other words "relize it".. sorry, fyi im not complaining, what i said is a fact.. For example, warlock and shaman, i think, u (dev) already knw how they move in the arena, atk - blind - then stun.. How we can defead them with those kind of skills? 100% die without touching them.. Thats it.. Please make it fair..

  2. aaaah... Im getting bored with this game, its wasting my time.. Almost 2months im doing quests at norlant/kotaravva, but still no luck with the rewards.. And the new arena system? That is the most update i hate it..  seriously i feel like want to stop playing this game.. =.=

  3. Hi guys.. last nite i already calculated my def if im using full set of bg endurance, its suppose to be 3.6k with + 5.. now i already know whats the problem is, the special bonus "def & health' is not added in my def, thats why my def become 3.2k.. i guess its a bug.. :( but when i was using the mix set of bg endurance + bg guard, my def 3.6K with +5.. and bg endurance + heroic endurance, my def 3.4k wiht +5.. only the full set of bg endurance, my def become 3.2k with +5.. its make me confused.. :mega_shok:

  4. to admin / GM,

      i need to ask you something, does the amour bg endurance is bug? cause before the update of halloween season come, i was using mix amour bg endu. and guard, def 3.6k with +5.. ::) but now when i was using set of amour bg endu. my def was 3.2k with +5 all.. :( can you fixed it? if it really bug..  ;)

  5. for me, if using 1handed mace + shield is more better. Cause 1handed mace is like 3/4 damage of 2x 1handed sword or 2handed wpn. And with using shield, u got an extra defend. That what i do for pvp and hunting also. ;)

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