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  1. Yes this is true are many scammers in this game, but all players must be carefull when they are trading with this persons, thats why you have 2 buttons in exchange to use them not only to dream away. Soloooo
  2. BUG OVER BUG !!!! Warspear birthday and have bug ... a special gift for all your "players" you don't have ?
  3. I know wolfsy. I can say it is the best and the old ranger in server EU. I traded with him many gold and it's not a scammer. This ppl who telling this bullsh!ts are only jelous kids. Everywhere are pros and haters you chose in what side you are ! Soloooo
  4. will be nice if you give us some details like name level class ?
  5. Soloooo


    i missed war :aggressive:
  6. Waw mai merge topicu asta ? ;D
  7. I apreciate only pro and OLD players. I don't think if you have pro items +8+ you are pro. To be pro you need to know hunt ("dancing" in lab) and to know pvp with others. In other words you need to earn the name pro ;) . So this topic name "who do you think are the top 3 rangers" i can answear " AT WHAT ???" PVP or HUNT ? Think about it ..
  8. The bests rangers are WOLFSY CHRYSTALL HVANGSAE XJAYBO ;D ;D
  9. lol i'm talkin in general ;D don't take as personal. I will never be scammed by a scammer ;D
  10. I read all, now answear at this questions in your mind ;) 1. If you consider you are a pro player you need to be careful when trade, or you are pro just with items ? 2. When you press done at exchange you are agree with the trade. So you press is your mistake if you wrong.
  11. It's not a scam you can call buying cheap. A friend got "scammed" like this. The player need to be more careful when he trading or selling if you think you are a pro ppl ;)
  12. So nice i just puted unity potion... :facepalm:
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