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  1. it wasnt the fact thate he stole my kill its the way in whiich he did it and if u cant understand that then try it n c what happens
  2. yes its a bit hectic out there campin i mean. I dnt think it should stop but maybe some rules for campin should be put in place
  3. np keep the pots next time at least do me the honor of killing granite. Peace. Officially as of now ishux is off the list :drinks:
  4. post anyone u wud like to add n give reason so we all kno its.justified
  5. FOF blacklist 1. Ishux. Reason i was trying to solo granite guard to c if i get sword used 8 pots which arent cheap had two or three hits left n he comes in n killied me. He cud have waited 3 more seconds but sadly no honor. If i c i kill on site..also anyone hunt boss with him will regret it cuz i will reset. Ty
  6. U have to send those issues to support email account.i did n my mc are here today so their system is working fine n they arent stealing. Thx for dealing with my problem in such a hasty fashion :yahoo: :good: :drinks:
  7. what information exactly do u need? I sent two emails anyway
  8. Excuse me devs or support manager mioco when sms was workin in U.S. I tried ur new payment option for 4.99$ to 23333 a txt message was sent to me instructin me to reply "Y" to get my coins. This was on the 8/29 the response was invalid payment type. I tried again to be sure on 8/29 again same response. I tried bck on 8/31 & on 9/1 same response so i gave up no problem. Now i have bill in hand n there are four charges to 23333 but yet i recieved no miracle coins. How do i remedy this problem? I have my bill as proof. Could u get bck to me ASAP. THX it will be greatly appreciated P.S.total charges incurred $19.96 my email is [email protected] let me know if u need my number
  9. In 45 minutes if ur interested anyone horror is the slime in dungeon meet at kamp-riff
  10. Im trying to get at least 4 parties together to kill horror at around same time we used to do guards around 1:00 pm GMT
  11. Umm two things: 1.what do u guys think about have an "unequip all" option in equipment menu? 2. And what do u guys think about being able to trade crimson corundoms? P.S. Ill let u kno if i get any bright ideas :pleasantry:
  12. Srry couldnt enter my contest picture bcuz the hurricane outed my computer. But when i get it bck ill still share my pic anyway ty :drinks:
  13. Good day. I hate to ask but when will there be new quest?(im talking about yellow quests) thx :drinks:
  14. This picture is not for the contest i repeat not for the contest. N it is warspear related there are elfs druid n mc barbs n shamans n there are dragons all in warspear. Read the story
  15. :drinks: hahaha i love it .nice one
  16. kuzmitch said photoshop is allowed. and i cant move my fingers so drawing is no longer an option.
  17. four different people pictures in one :pleasantry:
  18. WELL i used to be able to draw until i was paralyzed 4 years ago so ill use photoshop :good: this is the first time i used photoshop so bare with it. ALSO THIS IS NOT MY CONTEST SUBMITTED PIC
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