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  1. guys come to wom soon plz. new UI being implemented MR will start soon which will be mostly graphics beautification stage. 10 man raid dragon in game now. character customization coming in the next update. 8 team dungeons in so far with 2 solo dungeons. alliance have more than us now. also chat connected to both factions. I'm all alone :cray: lol :lol: someone come on :good:
  2. Jason having trouble uploading to wom srry
  3. Have fun guys trait paths introduced and chat open to both factions in WoM my mage at 21
  4. Also jas I need you to download the new hidden forum version to test and see if Xperia works, ur the only one testing with that. Need u to Chk so it can go public later today. Also are u very sure u don't want to be a GM cuz me and u r like the only high lvl fury. Plenty of alli that I'll recommend but no fury. Either way test it quick. I got a meeting til about 3. Its 12 now. See u guys in game then.
  5. I'll be on in about three hours. I'll stick with forsaken I already did so many quest. So before I continue tell me now if we r staying forsaken or going chosen?
  6. Sorry guys Conn failed I'll try for lvl 10 or 12, tomorrow
  7. Lvl 5 necro taking a break skills are awesome
  8. I was just on krylbot. Robokryl ended up on some guest account crap so lost it
  9. Of course :aggressive: lol think ill go necro
  10. Really??? If u guys are gonna start all new characters and rise through the game from beginning then robotkryl is in let me kno please. Ryn I still have fof email but seems password (email not game) has changed. Any major changes keep me in the loop please!!! kbcompnerd@Gmail OK so what's up with everyone otherwise?
  11. Whats up whats up whats up. Jus passing through. Hows everyone? Saw rankin ghost man lol where u been. Anybody seen species? Well ill chk bck later batt. Dieing
  12. true guys i havent signed in once in weeks. but my main problem in ws is not even the money thing. it the lack of content updates mainly no new real quest just a bunch of daily quest crap. they are only entertaining for a limited time. i need a game that every two months or so some new quest are added. make the storyline so its able to be continued at any time. anyway ill try and pop in now and then.
  13. Btw U guys suck lol u could have tolm me u already made a cover ryn we cud have just used urs. Btw awesome job i was gonna use the pic on the bottom in our wom forum topic. But not sure since we wont be same characters and not all of us are gonna play. Btw guys i had bought 44000 mithril during the deal for 20$ and i unlocked all slots bags and chest for 4100. Pretty cheap if u ask me and i can also gift zones and anything else with the remaining 39000.compared (to mc prices big difference and in truth u dnt need mithril at all if u grind hard for amber. I just bought cuz of the deal.
  14. Hey never on now. @ sulla those are just promotions for betas. zone 1 will be free for this version so u can play to level 10 but in 6 months or so when official world of midagard comes out it will be fully free to play. Anyway u should stop by forum and check it out in more detail also GM's will answer any question u have. Welcome all new members!!!!
  15. Just wait gradex it wont be ready for about two weeks the most.ill fill u guys in on WoM forums
  16. Nice drawings. Ive stopped going on cuz when i do my friends list is deserted lol and i didnt know we were putting our sigs here. Maybe ill put mine up later.
  17. Everyone plz listen for those that didnt catch the post. No one got kicked anyone that wants to remain fof r to post here that they r still in. It was meant as a chance to let those members reconsider whether fof was still the place they wanted to be. Whether because it was too much drama,or they have problems with other members,or just straight out fof wasnt going in the direction they liked. Please to clear up any confusion.
  18. Ty cuz we cant stop ppl from posting but we do ask nicely not to do it.
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