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  1. JUST SHOUTING OUT to give chat a bump. hope everyone's doing good
  2. im in FFXIV ARR and Archeage. FFXIV ARR server coeurl (North America) charcter name Kadis Raizel Archeage server dahuta(european) name Kailani
  3. Hey hey im around just not in warspear btw spread this link to any sites u can started a fundraiser for a new pc. see u guys around. http://www.gofundme.com/NewCompFund
  4. Merry christmas all!!!! hope all is well for those with a pc check out the free online game path of exile.miss u all
  5. let me know when your set up jason
  6. ill probably stay on coeurl since my lancer is 16 and pugelist is 8. but i can always make another in case u have other friends playing
  7. Finished FFXIV ARR Beta yesterday and it was awesome so i pre ordered jason.cant u preorder from the square enix site? If u do u get early access. im on Coeurl server. its a north american server so if u dont want that let me know . P>S> Hi everyone Happy belated birthday to anyone i missed. hope everyone is doing fine. also Guild wars 2 is having a free trial coming up so if u want to play with me for a few days sign up. Im on DESOLATION SERVER. Let me know.
  8. Im gonna look it up now jas. For pc I might just get it. Ive always loved FF
  9. Yea havent played for a while been playing gw2 for pc. Best mmo to me
  10. Hey, happy birthday jas and belated shy sorry havent been on in a bit. Btw cant seem to find or add u guys in rag... Pm me or something plz
  11. Jas i dwnloaded it but havent played cuz u guys didnt pick a server. But the reviews say its just like the pc one just less classes,3 to be exact. Btw using a samsung gs2 .(getting a gs4 when it hits the US in may) # cantwait Shy whats ur ign and server?
  12. Chked it out tell me server n name n ill come hang with u :drinks:
  13. Server: desolation. IGN: razielkadis or hitsugaya kai.or scarlett siren. Any of those will send the message to me so it doesnt matter which one u use. Jas gonna chk it out now any server or anything? And whats ur ign?
  14. Was in the middle of moving guys. Mainly still playing gw2 . I love it!!!! Wish some of u would join. Lol sorry corey lol gonnna jump on ws for a bit now.
  15. Seasons Greeting and a Happy New Year to u all. hope all is well
  16. been busy in guild wars2 . hope all is well for everyone. and if anyone play hit me up with ur ign. peace n love always.
  17. Hey been gone a min happy belated bday to those I missed. Been playing gw2 which is awesome . Never c u guys at wom anymore so hehe. Wish some of u play gw2 they have great events .
  18. @eregion and all I'm playing guild wars 2 right now . My best pvp war ever. Open World vs world its mind blowing have so many things u can do that u get kinda confused cuz u don't know what u want do first. Mehn awesome. Finally got an app that let's me play any PC game using my phone as a controller. What's everyone up to?
  19. Sorry here's the link http://atlantica.nexon.net/
  20. I signed up and I just forund an app hat let's me control my mouse and keyboard from my smartphone even while playing PCgames right now I'm playing Atlantica it nice . If anyone comes on I'm on sikyon server name ORPHEN00 check it out.
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