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  1. Yes,i use 5-6 service provider but still not working sms system.fix,gm plz.
  2. Btw game is 1+ yearsHow u play from 3 years?
  3. NopeHealersoul is vrushi And I am adnan We are best friend If u in eu (elf)u can get info.
  4. Hi, Guys, I am feeling very unlucky, I am playing four char in eu server. I regularly do.norlant quest (captive)(captive shaman)(hunt for hydra) And I did not got anything till norlant introdused. But i didn't got any lvl 18 item from quest reward. Even a single one Till now,only got hundreds of crystal,runes and scrools and potions. And few lvl 17 stuff(excluded weapons) This make me feel very unlucky, Even sms system is not working in my country(india)from 3 months. This make me worst for me. Rugarly working hard reached kotarvva,many times killed by opps. Faction or killed by mobs reached again done quest by all my char, And lastly always got crystal,rune,potion or scrool. Why i? Help me out. Guys Plz How i getlvl 18 item.
  5. I am the most unluckiest guy in the world.i love this game so much and so addicted but random scrools/potions/runes/crystal loose my patience. :'( ]:>
  6. More then 100 kotarvva (captive)(captive shaman) quest done by my 4 charachters and still got no lvl 18 items :'(
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