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  1. I just took pics for fun :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: [move] :lol: LOL :rofl: [/move]
  2. please Create Tapjoy for windows and Symbian!
  3. my name is Hawkclan im an mc on us sapphire pls hlp me
  4. members 1) Mrfeelgood 2)Indiandudd
  5. Russell elf

    HAWK clan

    This is my HAWK clan logo© .it is copyrighted
  6. i dont get arena point cause when im about to die my skill is active,when i click it then i suddenly dies and i click the respwan button by mistake.so remove it or make it enabled after 5 secounds of death.thank you
  7. Coward killing lvl 14 with a doom bow
  8. wow so quick =O I just posted
  9. Russell elf


    I cant farm maraksha due to an mc :diablo: spy :diablo: ,he uses a bladedancer when we attack he uses aggression(skill) on maraksha and runs away.pls hlp me :'( Devs
  10. :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search:
  11. it was y idea first 8) ,if u don't belive this then keep scrolling down until u find my topic
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