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    springy got a reaction from Zidlont in Create your boss!   
    Wew im totally joining , lets make a real heroic bosses not like those termi newb. Boss !! GL everyone
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    springy reacted to springy in (Forum game) Corrupt a wish   
    The teller of story is dead.
    I wish i dont get ducked in tomorows sudden exam.
    P.S wish me luck
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    springy got a reaction from x in Tanking provoke mechanics   
    True but to be honest high lvl tanks never lvl up taunt or agro expert skills , i guess lvl5 can ensure dk/barb tanks, and u were saying up bd as a dps? As far as i know is best dps/tank lOl,
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    springy reacted to springy in (Forum game) Corrupt a wish   
    Sharkes nukes them.
    I wish u die
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    springy got a reaction from xxdeaathxx in Battle for territories. General discussion.   
    Dves u must figure a way for the inbalance in numbers , u didnt controle the amoubt of chars created on each faction , neither control amount of chars loged , so if want war it cant be this way . Sentials are waymore than mcs u r tslking about atleast double the number , with extra number of aoe stuns onmost common classes there thats gna be same ever time and on time elfs will get more organised and will taje it down in two to waves of attacking
    Id say increase time of war to 2h and make either scrol ress or u gotta wait 3mins this way everyone wont just dont go die and ress back , also when mcs decide to attack thy find as same number as sentials attackking , are defending and standing on flag, number inside city never gets down , onky thing that make number go down is client crashes coz of extra frames from that amount of ppl
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    springy got a reaction from vaibhavtiwari in [2014.12.20] Warspear Online 4.6: The Triumph of Evil Sandro. Preview   
    If magic percent in accessories will be same as usual 5% it will still suck.
    There is no pint making magic and psy same 5% , however u guys already know that ,arena reward items already are 15% magic
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