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  1. LOanza , Alll the game got bored of same rotine daily all servers and most of players log in do arenas , go hunt (whether rich or no) , go make some wars , finish kota quests , buy 50 tkts and spam arena if ur guild competing in tour (finish dq and spam arena ,lab runs) nothing new Since the begin of tours .. just while the event ppl had somthing to fight for which turned to be useless ~~7.5%life steal if full set.... Guys u must add new lvls before add new hunt places and make lvling hard...not like now if u finished all yellow quests u can make 15-20in 3 days :aggressive:
  2. yup ur words kinda right thats why we too stopped this tour after made lvl3 and lvl3hp skill last tour,, waiting see if new costomes worth it or no
  3. belive or no , but i never heared about that story and will search on it
  4. ur oppinion about me idc , but last haloween u want steal my turn and want me not evade boss? Though i evaded not by fear or minion ..U standed aloooot try evade my turn with zealot minion .. lulee saw it all and that day i helped him done in shaman
  5. Ppl hate me?! LoLits just some kid thinking when he say im and my guild scammers ppl will say "Oh yes they are" ..So Childish sure not all ppl like us/me its normal Buyt personally i never did somthing bad to anyone except in wars and arena ,kill at kota .....etc i think he dont have right to dislike me from these things its part of the game
  6. Im really sry i thought u ♥♥♥♥♥es Not Gays Just 1 tip, Never talk shit about ur self else what u left for others to say about u !
  7. U R nothing to Mess With my reputation ;)
  8. late :[ u should ss before numbers reset ;) Gl next time :lol:
  9. After kickicking all members and fail Ask us join back Decided to help the one insulted him 2 weeks ago xD What a good reputation kicking own members for inv sponser
  10. OMGGGGGGGGGGG u just open do cc and close
  11. R0land and snorly , personaly im waiting u both discuss it, think of it as a whole , and reply Sure we accepting ur decision whether we like or nope.
  12. wellni said my pointb2-3times.. and i said there always been exceptions even when devs temp ban they sent a mail saying " ur account should be banned but we warn u of sharingy.. and account is temp banned"So there always been exceptions U the one do Stop saying frea words and try make it a big problem Remove cancer of game .... what an expression
  13. light , i appreciate ur talk but read up u will see acc is perm baned
  14. what lol? Reason for get char back Is yup money and time lost in it lol What else u think i should care for ? His friend list?
  15. 1. Were*2 , i didnt get it ? Try say using another words
  16. yes i know rules are rules , but there are exceptions ! And second admiting that the char is fully made by him devs know i can make a shaman and lvl up to 15 in 24hours already made my lock that way...But the point not of lvl is the money paied in this char $$$$$$$$$ and time spent playing with it , 2 years lol He the Owner! Thats what im trying to say About hassn Bia read ur words and fix the name Buud is by hassn Other one Buuud, caza already talked about it Rest chars idk and idc , but they are for him , he created coz when they are made name change wasnt there Anyway back to main subject im not here to talk about hassn but im talking about fairness As i said up , r0land ; bro Think of it as a whole , sure we forced to accept ur descision but plz think of it well For 2years pokka=arash he played on it , he paied his money in it and still paying and will pay and He DESIRVES IT!!!! Edit ,, The creator thought he could redeam a +10 shaman , if it were the same shaman he left he wouldnt thought 1 second to waste time sending tickit to devs Roland add this infront of u while thinking
  17. Well dont make it much of a big breaking rules , its happened alot in alot chars , sold and owners try restore.. and they still there not baned Its not problem of +10 or no its the mater of owningbthe char for 2 years and now u restore to creator yup selling chars is prohepted but there is exceptions , u know u make exceptions , Im not saying he bought shaman yesterday its 2years so its not a scam thing or whatever. I guess roland u need to see the whole matter then decide dont just look at the begining part , What a fail is buying coins in this game , i only bought 3kcoins in this game and rest is by hunts.. and if u think its problem of +10shaman or +0 nope u r wrong he Owner of account R0land i really want u clear think on the whole matter then decide About chats sold and restored ask hassn he already got scamed by this way like 7x , he buy char then owner restore .. ex lotha.., weteran , buuud (but his owner noob couldnt convince u to restore) .. More and more If u want be fair here be fair there
  18. Why would he buy alll these coins and amp the char if he dont own it....and feeling secured to use his money in the account..
  19. Those are some of coins bought lately to belive my talk roland Arash owned it long ago , yup he not creator but owner There are more of lower bought coins and bunch of those ..
  20. And about u odjur dont act so ideal ... Coz u know that some of ur friends share accounts ,,,, and u wont comment about it neither me , I just want remind u if case reversed my words will never be like urs..Lame!
  21. ... and all 2 years of work gone coz someone provided info.+ all coins bought in it.. U baned the account temp , was ok but change pass and send to someome .. was know detailes of acc looong before arash take it Alot accounts know that they sold and bought but i guess there is exception to account was sold since 2 years Arash made pokka =pokka the +10 shaman Yup he wont die after lose his shaman but its totall unfair he owned this shaman for years ..
  22. u want the story from looooooong looong ago.Simple talk , arash took pokka from provo, that was long long ago before i play this game So arash not the creator of the account but he owned it since 2years He made that shaman full+10 bought bunch of mircles and signs Now .... so now im helping him get his shaman back else i will keep fight tell its fully baned Coz its unfair some one pay $$$$ for amp and some other steal it easy..
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