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  1. epic bugs , suck as hell , much valiable items got ducked up , u guys changing the story of the game so caster have full heal with same dmg set? make it wow super shamns druids now will duck all
  2. omg ... true .. even devs dont know if its prohibted or no
  3. its either Game client drunk or i am .
  4. locks already over powered to kick ur ass noobieit seems u cant read english? when i said "same as locks" i mean also locks when use ice the become spamming shits of attacks
  5. whatever my opinion never give u the right to insult me ducken noob asshole u drunk? and yet yes when ranger use suck skill he never stop hitting spamming attacks same as locks , new skill? its not new skills . these event skills just to add somthing different than shitty hunt way. later devs maybe release new skills but noway will make meles ranged like those
  6. acting like its the first bad time mangment by them? XDu should get used to it :lol:
  7. Snow ends , Finally melees stay melees no offense but xD and yea no dump noobs use ice in pvps , no more rangers spamm attacks like hell(att,bless,ice,....dead man) was a ducking event , with shitty hunt style its like move from lab gate to b4 and wtf u kill it 1 time and go suicide where the word hunt?
  8. the quote u made is talking about running shamans which run at 100 hp and back to pvp with 2900hpabout go in 3 casters all ppl do it even u ;) all ppl doing it not just us or u, respecting others is a must unless they do somthing wrong to u, anyway its ur opinion
  9. well bro it really happens sometimes shaman late run and fall in spammed skills by lock and die but run is easy as hell xD blind and enjoy xD
  10. wel i already told about that point system win=1 point lose=0 who have more points be winner about run LoL no run , no pvp xD so it will be like who have higher amped staff run is part of the pvp but in case run too much it will be by who made more dmg
  11. im in Sprngylock lvl20 lock and will offer slots for those who need guild bonuses ::)
  12. looool 5 matches =O dont u remember that day while he lost arena with urc coz he lag , and i went in how many we did? how many u won? ... end of talk go amp ur self and come im not stopping u :P :lol:
  13. never we fought like 10 fights over all and visited all maps i guess and score is score am i see an excuses ? yea someone said up +10
  14. my God im going to ban u :'( un fair bad distributed luck :'(
  15. :wacko: Thats normal action ... always newbies cry off when win 1 time . and again ? lol what was the score last time? ahh i remember 4-5 .1 which was volcano map
  16. Happy Holidays! be polite and help each other! Have fun! loooool :D what if im bad boy
  17. Omggggggggg1 chest = 1 Skin WTF BUGGY ACCOUNT :'( . . . . Ps: Can i give u 10 sets to open :[ we can share :'(
  18. to cure patients :[muahahahaa :D
  19. i sware i was collecting in peace but 2x jumbed me so i ress and killed all
  20. its not for caster vs melee, its for caster vs caster . + with or without new items all casters kill all melees if kited the point is u created somthing which give me(normal user) 5% unlike arena caps and cloak which gave those ppl 30% more dmg. ended by max +10 400 dmg vs +10 473, u saw the difference. add more 20% of pot and card and now 550+ so its totall unfair 550 vs460 90dmg difference though both +10 sd
  21. i said my opinion andn15% a ring im didnt create the idea .. already happened in Cloak of Greatness and symbol of strenght 5% dmg for melees and 15% for casters ice queen items 5% which same as CoG and Sos , so casters should have 15% rings in other hand to be fair enough. so if devs want make it lower so be minimum 8%-10% per accessory
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