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  1. so what i do now?! :snorlax: :facepalm:
  2. well that would be beter so new Expert skills wont ve so common in forst day , and lvl4 skills wont be so common even in furthur weeks
  3. someone was mad when arc posted his losing ss while afk member in random arena , and do same xD hypo ? ^^
  4. as far as i remember marksha is blue cat :aggressive:
  5. killing self in arena is impossible to be counted as illegal thing coz i (if i did sponsered 5vs5) dont kill my self . i kill other guild mate /other person who take free tkts by me , nithing illigal its just faster way to gain gps but its most cost of gps , 3vs3 much cheaper .
  6. well its not that ease , its boring duck to spam making lvl4s ,its all about hard work to be #2/3 with some ammount of money spending aswell (gold not coins), 3vs3 2h spamms are epic gps ,same with 5vs5 if its vs real opponent not sponsered afk parties . only #1 require barrel of coins ,,2,3 are easy unless 2 guild fighting for #1 ,
  7. hmmm well u and shitzo convinced me , u right , but atleast these post wont go up again ,
  8. omg, Finally Eu-Section cleaned xD 12/18 moved wtf xDDDDDDD
  9. one day , u go arena with ur friend , u meet a friend which hate ur friend . so to revenge , he pm u demand 5vs5 , our team not good , and say some bull shit , ended but u fight a full powered up team . nice work chrystall. cant wait u guys upload the ss , dare u can do it , coz legends know how it work in 3vs3 xD spam and lose then poor garoof go random alone.
  10. GL mate , we werent much of friends , probably coz u afk like hell xD i guess mecha kinda right , but u too , anyway , in anygame money rules , but anyone can figure a way to get The entertainment which he spend his life time playing any game for , again , Best of luck , yup Try SMITE , for me its much better to move feel that i r the hero , than keep click to move xD
  11. much drama in a none equivelant fight , u want really talk? , since 3shamans vs 3 shamans wont end , play 3 locks vs 3 locks and say who win then and dont forget u got raped 3 locks vs 3 shamans 7.0 or 8.0 , yet its none equivelant fight u know how was scores ;) before update , so dont act hypocrites
  12. my shaman +7 224 lol?:DMy lock +10, they thought they balancing game and powering up "rich" melees but wtf new era of +10 shamans will start
  13. most? Its about 97% lolSadly as every time , devs never say they made a wrong thing , and will do nothing and wait for players to be adobted to this new shits , personally thinking to leave game forever
  14. hi , lol it suck as hell , u can go the reales topic for more info how suck it is :wacko:God shamans , death of low amp healers , death of locks and mages , op rangers .
  15. Thought would been hard with black while he lag as hell hell op 1k from amulet and 1400 from rings :lol:
  16. now while searching healers u need say ( +9 shamans and necroes for eye pm me ) :D
  17. talking about same % of dmg reduction , but not same amount of dmg attacks , yup ranged vs meles . ohh dont forget healers xD ,ops dont forget rangers :D New Op class
  18. true , so they need make a passive skilk for locks/mages but its impossible , lameeeeeeee locks/mages is out of ws from now also healers , now its all about amp now i dont know who the dump owner of that idea of turn , sun,dark,moon to be magic %) u change part of game stories %)
  19. shamans +10will hit around 250 coz more def , but each will heal 320 +/-so its ducken op lol , Dont forget count down parameter
  20. its so bad idea from bigining . game was almost perfect , all same lvl of power , yes slightly locks have benifit in arena , but suck in hunts . much items was good , and valuble , now they re shits. wouldnt it would be better if u make the tower open and be quiet ?
  21. 2 shamans will be hard as duck now , 300 dmg and 300 heal
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