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  1. lol new classes :s i dont think would be a good ideai think new skill would be a good thing but after that update i dont want new skills i just want my earthquake back :'( im shaman lvl20 eu
  2. another thing to force players who are 20 not to lvl with daily quests, make daily quests on map 2 ''ires...'' for lvl20 or more give 0 exp
  3. extend the lvls to 25 or 30 with new map with hard quest to do which need team work like ''six shadows'' 2 new skills for each class to choose one only to open it when reaching lvl25 new weapons and armors most importante thing at new map is to be damn hard so not all players reach lvl25 in 2 weeks ;)
  4. hi, i want violent storm rope on MC and pay m.coins say how much u want gold or m.coins
  5. hi, bro its not your problen its server's problem all of us facing it but the question is why our server face it ? and when will it be repaired?
  6. more than 48 hours have gone and i sent them two times but nothing came to my mail
  7. hi i'm from egypt yesterday i have decided to buy mc ''its my first time'' i used sms method & a sms delivered and my credit decreased however nothing came to me what now , i want my mc ....... :(
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