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  1. You'll win by offering me 50€ + red troll to delete a char? That's low. And nice facts, aren't you just mad because hassn kicked you from aoa?
  2. Who is offering red troll to people that delete your competitor char? Too hard to win? Talking about pathetic.. I'm merely adjusting my ratio so I can get more demands, where's the problem?
  3. You will see what I'm talking about when you get good in arena. @arahbel let the hate flow through you, aoa reject
  4. And what if there are near to none equals? I should just give up arena spam?
  5. How can you work for demands if there's nobody to go VS? Oh wait, you must lose too much arenas to notice -.-'
  6. I complain because in 2x2 I can't fight at all.. I was helping a friend spam/try to block someone. They got 15 demands in the time we got 3 demands. Are we supposed to go afk and lose 50% first before we get demands? That's bs. And noting from your retarded reply, my win rate is too high. Too bad there aren't enough decent arena players -.-'
  7. There's a major problem with this system. -If you win 80-99% of arenas, the time before you enter arena is insane. While people with 50% win rate get all the fast demand. Pro players get 1 demand for every mediocre players 5 demands.. -It's impossible to block someone in arena, the chances of meeting your concurrents is near 0. While I was writing this, my party still didn't get 1 arena fight, while concurrent already done 7. That's just bs Edit: enemy got 15 fights, we got 3. 1 of 3 was VS them....
  8. Temple of seals bug: if all enemy pt leave, arena doesn't end but u need to wait time/point end Already happened 3x
  9. Roland, can you have a look at this? I was #1 in 3x3, received arena glove+ring. But not arena champion 3x3 achievement Edit thx: I'll send a message to support
  10. Any reason I didn't receive 3x3 arena reward for winning current arena season? I didn't receive the achievement
  11. Can lv22+lv23 in party demand 2x2? Or is the limits still same for arena party demand?
  12. That'll give less dmg in pve, I don't have a 700 dmg lock to get less dmg
  13. So, why do other skills do hit flag? Flawless logic.. You never cease to amaze me
  14. It's a damage skill? Why should it NOT hit the flag? Why do other damage skill HIT flag Then? Flawless logic....
  15. It didn't hit flag back when elf won 3-0 in 2 minutes, so nice try.
  16. Roland, warlock skill pool of darkness. Does not hit elf flag Does not hit elf flag Does not hit elf flag Does not hit elf flag Why Why Why Why At least say it's designed that way At least say it's designed that way At least say it's designed that way At least say it's designed that way How much time do I need to ask more?
  17. Elm =/= flag, life exhaust hits flag/ doesn't hit elm.. So why doesn't pool of darkness hit flag?
  18. Really? I already posted 4x that the skill doesn't hit flag.. Then you comment this?
  19. Roland, how about warlock pool of darkness skill? Hello?
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