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  1. Hi Player iltsyrz barb 29 blocked try to log in and it says account blocked I haven't broken any rules and playing along time logged yesterday and went off tryd to log now and says blocked not Happy at all
  2. Hi , y can't I download test server 1st one top just reload page and 2nd one give error not found
  3. Hi y doesn't test server work on my phone I did download it but says can't open file
  4. Nice update but would like to see more skill improvements on dk they the weakest class on pvp should improve reserve even max it doesn't help it was fine before u guys nerved it
  5. priests exclusive thread exspert skill doesn't work on monsters or bosses it have a 1% of a hit chance and if it does work on monsters it doesn't reduce their hp and mana , I been testing out the exspert skill on bosses like genie, granite gaurd for 1 week now and farming alot and what I noticed is that it always resist not once did it work on a boss can you guys pls make hit chance of skill more chance , other classes like druid , blade dancers , charmers ect have lots of farming skills
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