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  1. give em muskets with 50% backfire rate ;D
  2. sichy

    War zone idea

    u could msake npc at end bosses that give awsome drops to the invading side so each side has to protect the boss
  3. there should be a limit on how much mail a player can send to another player whilst mail is unread othrwise u could get spamm
  4. if ur smart you dont need to pay for anything
  5. kill rebel woodchoppers
  6. sichy

    Delete Swamps.

    i agree but there still ineeds to be a way to group tp
  7. iv1in arena leaves it open to farming...
  8. i find the fastest way is to choose the mot efficient rought to get to training groundd e.g. do a loop involving several quests
  9. sichy

    Delete Swamps.

    i dont believe the problem is the map i believe that there should be a group tp area where parties can go off to the same point so u acrtually get something done (srry about any errors i ubpdated phone and it wont let me use backspace)
  10. if DK gets bury they should not be able to move
  11. server still down... this is why we dont like updates u download it finally finishes, then u log in and... server unavaliable
  12. sichy

    p2p server

    you dont need to spend money i can earn mony on market(player not mc) so easily its just a matter of how smart you are
  13. kinda off topic though...im off for 3 days and we are talkin about flying birds?! and chenoble?!?!? can we just let the russians and their upsidown birds in pieace. think of the poor bird how does it go to the toilet?
  14. sichy

    2nd job?

    add another 20 lvs with subclass :good:
  15. sichy

    p2p server

    good luck getting player numbers up. if u want a group of only pro players ot it would be better to introduce guilds
  16. cause its fun ;D ;D ;D :blush:
  17. abyss zealot's invisible mantlet? :crazy:
  18. sichy

    2nd job?

    :facepalm: they should add 20 more lvs in which you choose ur subclass at lv 21 and upgrade get 15 skill points just to be spent on the subclass. And we would get 20 more levels. talk about killing two birds with one stone
  19. there should be a bounty limit or cooldown like only one offer on a player a day and also slots so that someone who has 1mill cant offer 1000 bounties of 1000 on random players
  20. im a shaman and if elves are camping bridge il often stand on our side and heal/buff tanks who cross
  21. sichy

    2nd job?

    good idea but there should be at least two second jobs that a player has to choose between
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