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  1. Ok thanks a ton guys this helps alot ull prob see me ingame name is Illiumina
  2. I play on sapphire i havnt lvled the pally up yet im asking here first cuz reset books are costly so i dont wanna reset. So i guess magic mace it is cuz thats all u get from those quest boxes. And for skills so max purify then lvl heal? Cuz map 2 is pretty rough without a heal my druid can barely quest with 230 magic dmg. @lallouss
  3. Id also like to kno what weapon i should be using when lvling up also i tried asking ingame and pming high lvl pallys but kinda got ignored lol.... I just know the chosen starter zone is pretty hard i dont wanna have much trouble pretty much why im asking.
  4. And this is pve correct ? Cuz im not rich enough for pvp yet they say its stupidly expensive.
  5. It helps but im looking for more skill help he doesnt mention what skills to lvl up first and what to max for a magic paladin this is why i made this post.
  6. Just looking for a pretty decent pally pve build for a poor person im new cant afford much and im like lvl 12 atm i havnt used any skill points cuz i really didnt know what to get i guess i wanna be a magic pally everone says thats good but they never talk about skills and what to get so any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. What exact skills should i be getting for staff charmer now i kno some ppl kinda just go the same 5/5 call and 5/5 heal and maybe 3 into dark prism ? Or should i just stick to magic mace ? Im not rich or anything of the sort so i cant afford some hybrid build to min max like some folks.
  8. So i took ur advice and made a char on emerald server tho nobody speaks english so idk how ima ask for help when i need it o.o
  9. A couple of my friends play on sapphire tho they play elfs i wanted to join them but i guess that dream is slowly going up in smoke.
  10. And yea like i mentioned that i understand i just think like this is prob the reason most new ppl end up quitting cuz they cant play what they wanna play and im basically nearing that point ive tried the legion side needless to say i hate it verry much so. So its not like i didnt give it a solid go. I dont wanna play an OP class cuz everyone says elf classes are Op i just wanna play priest. Priest appeals to me i like thier skills the effects are pretty darn cool and in every rpg game i play priest or cleric. I guess i just wanted to rant a bit tho i feel like im not the only one with this issue im sure there is others hopefully one day the team does something about it if not then i guess oh well. Ill keep trying for the next couple days if it doesnt let me ima have to pretty much say goodbye.
  11. So its been about 3 weeks now and im still not able to create a himan or an elf class at all. Now i understand that this is a faction based game but idk if its just me but new ppl shouldnt be forced to go one faction especially if the class they wanna play isnt in that faction they will end up just quitting like most ppl. Idk if anyone else has this issue but yea 3 weeks still cant do anything.
  12. Do they just not exist all i see is druid and nothing else. Had some questions but i guess its not going to happen may just make a necro instead idk
  13. It would but the skills he picks vs example deathly eye lvl 5? Doesnt it not work on bosses no? So why not max shield instead
  14. Needing help on what to get when lvling i think for now ill be a pure pve necro if anyone can help ill greatly appreciate it im lvl 8 now no skill points used so far and yes ive read the other posts its mostly pvp related or ppl seem verry confused on what to get.
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