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  1. This is my emblem ::) Fire : imaging our spirit never down. Burning Sentinel souls :spiteful: Star : imaging loyalty to the other legioner :drinks: Wing : imaging freedom, like our motto "Fighting for Freedom". We kill for Freedom 8) Suriken : as we know Suriken is a ninja's weapon. We kill Sentinel like ninja (With tactic and strategic but keep calm) :crazy: Spear : that mean our strength to kill Sentinel :diablo:
  2. Maybe i know who is in the center of emblem :lol: 8) :dirol:
  3. New SCAMMER http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=81021.new#new
  4. Awgsemaun want sell him rogue (Jobanni ) to me for 20k. Then we deal i pay 12k first then 8k after i log him rogue. BUT he give me wrong id and password. I said to him to give back my money, he said "Pay me 8k then i give real password" :wacko: . Then he ignore me :diablo:
  5. I has done six shadows at lvl 15 :give_rose:
  6. Thats mean my poster good :blush: ehehehhehee :lol: :tease: :P
  7. My 2nd Poster :pleasantry: :yahoo:
  8. Ty all, i try to forget that :aggressive:
  9. add Chromaggus - Espiao - Cassier same ppl
  10. Hello all, sorry for my english :( I want to report. I has scammed by Chormaggus or Espiao or Cassier from EU-Emerald We make to deal to exchange my mask rogue lvl 18 and my glove shaman moon lvl 18 for 4k mcoin. She want to give me a giftcode to give 4k mcoin. But that code desn't work :facepalm: I tell to she, that code doesnt work. She said check her email and she tell me her giftcode has invalid. She tell me want to give back my item, but today i want to get back my item she reject my offering and ignore me :shok: So you can check on my screenshot Thanks for attention :sorry: :mega_shok: :facepalm: :cray:
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