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  1. Any update of the situation? the server should been live 28mins ago.
  2. where are we suppost to post our feedback about 8.0? Is it on the forum, if so where?
  3. Can we expect item level bump on Nadir set items from level 26 up to 28 with T5 release or it's something that will be released later down in the line?
  4. Yup it is fully P2W, and there is no class that I could recomd to you for being F2P player, the whole progression system is locked behind paywall.
  5. Yeah, I agree with you,I think AIGRIND need to share more about the projects to us, but I belive announcement will be tommorrow. and release next week.
  6. if you give me your username and server, I could add you and we can have a private chat. I may able to give you a hand.
  7. Any plans for PC users? Or is this strictly* only for mobile?
  8. Could we have server transfer or combine the servers for example EU+US servers? To make the game feel more like a MMO like how it used to be few years ago. Both servers feel kinda empty if you understand what I mean? There isn't really any competion or people to play with I feel like. Is this something you're discuss in the office? You also share same thoughts like I do?
  9. I broke the EULA rule, and I’ve tried to talk with support about it, but they’ve responded I am perm blocked from the game or have ignored my message. My question to one of the moderator, if you could kindly provide me an email adress that would go through my explanation and respond it. Because I want get back to the community, and I feel like I need to talk with an inviduell about my situation (who works at AIGRIND).
  10. I wish to request you add a feature that let us players on PC to change keybindings for our actionbar and target items/npc/players. It's very frustating to use hotkey 6-9 and the arrows on keyboard, ect ect.
  11. i think my idé is the best bcz you guys talking about some healing and like that, our healing is great, shaman are a elemental class and i do think what would be really EPIC skill for shaman is some kind of buff for all party members for 35-40 seconds with 8-10minuts cooldown, this buff gives greatly higher damage. the skill name could be named something like "ballzsack". this would make shamans really epic for PvE, in pvp it should be kind a nerf, and do not give same amount of damage or duraction of the skill because it would just make the new blade dancer. like combine a shaman + blade dancer = insade of damage and self healing. Shaman are kinda of hybrid class, we going deal as much damage as we can and heal pretty decent, our defense aren't the best. classes who really should have healing and like that is necro and priest. shaman do not need any more healing spells current update, only buffs we can survial pretty dam good thanks to lighting blind (idk name and i don't give a crap) and earthquake.
  12. looks very bad update :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: i dont like it at all honest.
  13. im buying scepter of sudden doom. tell me name and i will add you in game.
  14. ye i do dude, if blade dancer beat barbian and dk its time to change it :facepalm: btw odjur are noob.
  15. it have goes like 4-5 days now since i send ticket, i did on website, i did on email(snorlaxx send me the link) and i have not yet get any answer if i get my account back or not. i did not get scammed i got hacked and i didnt buy or sell my account. i send on 1 day around 4-5 tickets on few hours. if its anything want info about the account as would show legit im true owner just ask me, i know every item as gear i used and what amp i had, witch was great charm. potion and scrolls or something like that i lost count. thanks for understand AIGRIND?
  16. Localkiler


    how long time should i wait until i get answer? i send like 3-4 tickets on under 4h. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  17. i know, aigrind cant english, all my friendsin real life and me laugh how bad aigrind are on english.
  18. i like it how it is now bcz wild set outfits be expesiv as back in time.
  19. Localkiler


    i have send 2x tickets to aigrind on like 2-3 hours, sstill not have any answer. they dont care about the players? :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  20. Localkiler

    RULES ?!?!?!

    account sharing is not ok, if you look on my topic about bann, you can see clear snorlaxx cant english and think i sold/bought or account share it, but if look on vidio you see i got hacked. :facepalm:
  21. that was the first thing i did. the i maked vidio legit im hacked, she even saying it, i got screen shoots she saying she sold like everthing, im true owner and im true player, i have play this game 2 years, and i got banned bcz gms cant read english. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: but i will send new ticket then. thx man, if i dont get it back i quit.
  22. no, you cant be in love somebody via internet, you cant hear, you cant see her ect ect, it means i was never in love in her, everthing begins she going show me a video, and she found out my id, and i got hacked, and GM's cant read english so i got banned. YEY!!!! ONE OF WORTS GMS EVER I BELIVE, did you look like 20 seconds on video snorlaxxx?
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