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  1. Paladins Inner Forces Skill isn't working the correct way. Instead of decreasing the incoming dmg while beeing low HP it increases the dmg at max hp. I hope it's getting fixed before it comes to the live servers.
  2. A Paladin has more heal skill but less dmg skills and worse stuns compared to a barb. Also a Paladin has no skill which makes him more tanky or reduces the dmg of opponents or a skill which lets him resist all negative effects. Barb has one of the most broken skill setups in my opinion and another heal skill on a tank would ruin the game balance completely. But i know it doesn't matter to you because you only want Barb to win everyone and everything in any situation. But that's not how a MMORPG works. 🤣
  3. Sure let this skill work with the Lifeforce potion but if you do so: make it based on magic dmg (not maximum HP) aswell as all the other healing skills on which the potion works🙂 And don't forget Paladins Prayer which is aswell based on HP😉 (Prayer 4/4 is like 1900HP multiplicated with 1.6(Lifeforce Potion) = 3040HP😯) All Paladins would appreciate it but ... It wouldn't make any sense at all in my opinion ... sry Vla
  4. Yes palas skill repellent strike has a 100% chance of successful working (as long as the opponent has 0% resist parameter) but in order to that it lasts only for 3 or 3.5 seconds while barbs shield strike has an increased duration but not a 100% chance to work. Same to BD's rush. Then there is Fetters of Justice which isnt't even a stun at all (it's a root/silence combined). And a Pala played as a supporter/healer like me (2h magic wpn) is not able to use the repellent strike skill. So there is only the harads call left which has probably the same failing chance like barb stuns. The only diffe
  5. 2 barbs (with their 7 yard jump stun) have the huge advantage to stun their opponents 1st in the arena battle (every time if there is no human caused failure). Only thing u got to do is to time your stuns with ur mate and u can kill anyone since i can't heal myself while beeing stunned. There is noone who can survive such a combo (except warden) but if u and your partner give me the chance to heal because u failed to time your stuns ... it's not the fault of the 60% heal pots. BTW I don't even have 60% pots 😉 but i'm using the magic relic of resilience
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