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  1. Resident In forum 2 days :blush:
  2. LOL I anxiously waiting for the update guilds, and no update message in the game, besides the problems of entering the game, this update guild here is how old? :facepalm:
  3. Face it there is a warlock vs my bd. and you guys are complaining about the picture I picking :cray:
  4. ta good son I'll kill us both mc as elves relax 8)
  5. Who says this is my brother ;D
  6. Looking at lonelyy dead after failing to try to kill me attacking first, and now is calling gangs to kill me in pvp, is a failed even. :clapping:
  7. This is true for the rogue is legal invisibility, more careful with the archers :yahoo: ;D
  8. Eucalpito looks noob, why not appear with your shaman to kill my bd now, I'm waiting tar it with my druid. :spiteful:
  9. use insect swarm first and then entangling using lightning bolt, and then heal, if the character battle using swords he loses more easily if healers can be a little harder, always try to use the power to heal before not lose much life. Another good player makes his strategy :good:
  10. my signature so I kept quiet :good:
  11. They using strong group and I with my friend, but at least we won thanks to him ;D If he did not take 400 damage we had lost. :yahoo:
  12. not like those witches prefer not to comment or displease them :aggressive:
  13. you are a very old friend of mine, we were partners until the arena, so we got farther from each other, we do not even want to talk more right. :'(
  14. yes ,He and I are together a lot, we interact too, one of the others laughed, we talked it all over Brazil and even from other countries and my english is bad. ;D
  15. is a stupid, he still has the courage to get going, to say that will help.
  16. Noise is killing 2 :tease: :yahoo: :blush:
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