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  1. ja ranger was better before, after that came the new classes, he was sideways for some players, but still going strong. :)
  2. you were attacking me, came to use skill and says he was afk, please bro, you died in 5 seconds and has no courage to admit.
  3. I'm waiting for EYE. What good and go to the cave if only pvp gangs have there, the guy did not even let go 1x1, 5x1 for more. :bad:
  4. how is you deposit m.coins 8400 per week ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D he told me.
  5. shows the images of you killing me. I have proof that I killed you both. :clapping: You do not even know how to lie :tease:
  6. hard to beat the two, the warlock I held him with entangling the beginning then he died easily even with heal, the al kernlabba killed the mage and tried to flee to fill your life even more lost to me ;D :aggressive: :clapping:
  7. 100k m.coins ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  8. Eu jogo a quase 2 anos , tenho que saber alguma coisa né :)
  9. mais eu acho que uma classe melhor para farmar é o priest , eu prefiro druid assim mesmo , ja ganhei de um pessoal que é forte no pvp 1x1.
  10. Eu prefiro upar entangling do que enchame de abelhas , por que o entangling para pvp é ótimo contra todos tipos de classe por que ela além de trancar bloqueia todos poderes, o enchame de abelhas voce esqueceu de colocar que ele da mais chance de provocar critico no inimigo, mais o Entangling é usado especialmente em warlock , um druid sem entangling nunca vai ganhar de warlock , eu prefiro upar raio 5 entangling 5 e heal 5.
  11. let's talk in Portuguese to see if you'll understand something? :clapping:
  12. hey who was it that said that druid is weak? druid is one of the best characters for pvp 1vs1, my druid already won almost all of Warspear in 1x1. And you saying that said the druid is bad, and I confirmed it? you make me laugh ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  13. dude my english is bad because I'm Brazilian, and this guide that you passed the link is power, my guide is to choose a character that will be strong to evolve until level 20. what good one barbarian or paladin leveling until 20 if he loses to almost all classes in pvp, they are more to the farm is by the barbarian and paladin has great defense and uses paladin aura to increase heal. Yes I do not understand why all characters do not see the need to make a character that will be weak. :facepalm:
  14. I in the first picture, on the other Cleiton my brother and his son Bernard. 8)
  15. each plays their game so do not have a strategy of how to explain a game, and you say that my strategy sucks, I already saw you losing for beginners, when you deichar losing to newcomers who come to me do not argue with noobs.
  16. I guess I will be in gold or even m.coins :)
  17. Poley you think is strong with that shit your druid? :bad:
  18. Brdigo

    I not have help

    ty not need more help :good:
  19. U need gang for kill my druid :tease:
  20. Ty ;D , have to know how to play to win you two.
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