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  1. hey piggyshaman .delete ur trash topic, noob pro mcoin buyer..haha
  2. no no no. .Scammer Not Allowed you scamm my friend emem account.. (Macomaco,touchmenot,handsgift,baliwnako,xchiyocox)=1 owner.. The famous pinoy SCAMMER.
  3. i kill you easy. piggy lol
  4. dodge useless if your enemy oppönent have high accuracy
  5. loggggggg SUPER.!!! Logggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  6. update updat upda upd up up upd upda updat update when released?
  7. another trash topic from piggy .
  8. s.chest or mysterious box?
  9. lol it depends on your opponent physical deff,.
  10. still catching error in iphone. Fixed dev.
  11. illusion gold,haha correct
  12. i mean this several few days im always log. ... This log it is because of preparing for update? .
  13. this game always loggggggg.. Tsk
  14. kier28


    pvpiggy pro weak. .. Haha lol
  15. me too sometime connection server lost.
  16. april 16 still no update...
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