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  1. yes . No problem.idk why other symbian said certificate error. i suggest to all symbian user, hack your phone first. search in google how to hack lol. if your phone already hack,no need certificate. . Jst install and play.
  2. symbian v.5 5800 expressMUSIC installation complete. .no problem.. Yuhoo. Lets sleep.haha
  3. warlock still op, lol.. DEvs can you increased hamstring from 2 yards to 5 yards,, and decreased cooldown to 5 seconds? bd need changes! ! Lmao
  4. lol warlock still op. DeVs increased to 5 yards hamstring and cooldown to 3 secs of BD. ..
  5. QUITTING ANONYMOUS Recently, Anonymous guild become inactive.As timegoes on, I get bored of the guild. I decided to quit/leave the guild. Thanks Legionn/guildmates.
  6. lol you can buy mol points VIA globe sms Type GET MOL5 at isend sa 5333 *Only P2.00 kada 1 MOLpoint. Therefore, 5 MOLpoints = P10.00
  7. boom boom boom. iwant next tournament anonymous #1.!!!
  8. i agree, btw congrats gunz and Vortex. and to Noexcuse lol, ♥♥♥♥k my dog
  9. in my nokia 5800. . Smooth no problem
  10. #WARLORD guardian# Step into the world of Arena in this Authentic Warlord Guardian Costume! It includes blue lining and grey jacket look with black cap .This costume is very suitable for male and female. I hope you like it.
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