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  1. .hey hey hey hey hey client for symbian still 3.11.1. . ZZzZ.. .. Fixed client
  2. snorlax i already download the client for symbian in download link, but still 3.11.1 and when i run patch appeared 3mb , . . Is this normal or need tn download the client again?
  3. 'Huaaaa MuaaaaGuaaaaa' x4) 'Huaaaa Muaaaa Guaaaaa' x4) hahaha. Lol
  4. gmmmmmmmm change reward from personal to equiping.
  5. heyyyyyy gm Zero reward in God's Grove dungeon. 2 times. give me back my portal. and I got reward 1 time for druid and I cnt sell lmao haha. epic fail. fixed item reward.
  6. the game for range class, . zZzZz.
  7. lmao devs after patch and i exit my client again ,now cnt cönnet, fixed it pls. Im symbian user v5 5800 expressMUSIC
  8. hey devs fixed symbian v5 5800 expressMUSIC, if i log IN my char so delayed pop up the connecting in my screen.
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