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  1. thx plagu3, u're a kind guy :good: but i think its not the prob, coz work well in other game update like, tibia, pocket legend, star legend in my phone i try that too, but i can't find any pak files in my sd card droid, im using android 2.2 froyo *sorry for my bad english
  2. I just see symbian prob here, what about my droid prob?
  3. Farueth

    The FoF Clan Book

    sorry ;D i know slay, but still not answered there :facepalm: Aaaaagh im crazy to wait :crazy:
  4. Farueth

    The FoF Clan Book

    long time not playing warspear :cray: can someone help me?? im always failed doing in game update :facepalm: im using samsung galaxy mini
  5. everytime warspear has in game update, when updating it always say connection "error" in my phone please help, what should i do?? i'm using samsung galaxy mini, yeah it's low end android phone mybe its better put every update in androidmarket
  6. please make it fast, or some player will leave the game n play another game like tibiame, etc...
  7. Farueth

    The FoF Clan Book

    we kill 180> ashy hyena. mybe slay right, greenpeace will chase us!!!
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