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  1. Dear Aigrind Team. The new Raidboss Octopus in the T5 area got now alot of times killed on every Server and all what dropped till now was 1 costume. The community wondering if the "book" which can drop is even real or just a easter egg which make the community to keep waste mcoins on Oxygen? Might its possible Developers check it and it got not removed maybe by a mistake from the game. Thanks so far , waiting an answer. @Akasha
  2. Fact is all wardens which not +9/10 will hardly struggle without a healer. Im not sure if this is it what aigrind want. Most of the wardens will be useless soon and when they low HP and Finaly able to get a high block , they will die in lack of low amp. No necroma im not crying about myself , my warden is full +10 and many books.
  3. Its a shame that the international community need to wait for the update post while the russian community got it already
  4. Dear aigrind developer Team , i would really like to know where to find the RAID boss Orcinus. Its for an 5 medals achievement or do we need to wait till mermen trials DG is open? Would be nice to know any about orcinus
  5. They should make sure Server works bug free if they need so long
  6. Sure you are right there were already some informations but only about the New mechanics of T5. I guess many are interessted in other changes Like new gear. What can we expect? Will be there New CC gear? Those underwater gear really neccessary and so on.
  7. How about to release already the informations about the update before the Servers go online?
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