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  1. Agreed.

    I like this idea not because I have Mc/Forsaken items like spear/black staffs/2h sword etc.

    I like this idea because I want to buy from Mc/Forsaken's market because they sell much cheaper than elves. \m/



    agreeeeeeed :clapping:

    much much cheaper. the prices of elves equipment has become abit of a joke in recent tmes

  2. I need the killing whisper brigadne, anyone selling for a fair price and not for something i have to take a mortgage out for? :)



    my char name is initman01 give me a shout or message here. thank you

  3. my scatter is only level 3 but it never works, also blessing on level 5 doesn't work like it used to so thats obviously been changed, I dont know if barbs are OP but the stupid char that lays crap on the floor is probbly the most OP char on the game by a mile, i have low levels of that char killng me with easy as they have to much defense skills, i actually think most mc chars have way better skills tham elf. only a couple on elf actually work or are effective at all. but m not suprrised as all devs an most people on this forum are mcs clan.

  4. I'm glad its not just me who thinks the game is going n the wrong direction when it comes to mcoins, they cost soooo much and nothing ever amps with the amount affordable, but even tho alot of people have stoped buying mcoins they still make enough to not give a dam cos of the likes of hassn an his crew buy mcoins like its goin out of fashion, unnless every onemakes a stand an stops payng for them then the devs will continue to make it harder an harder each update because people still pay for mcoins.

  5. Why u always complaining about rangers/rangers weapons being worse than others if rangers and their weapons are still most op in game? U just have no luck. They dont take more than others! Dont spread lies. It all depends only on luck.



    omg not you again, why you always argue with what i have to say? how about go make a ranger an try an amp there xbow an then tell me its balanced, my friend BD got to +8 on both his swords in less sign than my xbow, is that fair? i think yes maybe but not the extra excessive sign i'v had to use even tho i agree with that fact he has 2 weapons to amp while i'm still stuck on +6, i don't make lies, i have no need for that. if its all just pure luck witch i bet its not then im shit outa luck

  6. As far as I know all weapons have the same amp chances. Ive heard armors have better chances and I agree with that theory. If their would be a diffrence between weapons shouldnt it be for 1h swords for bd and rouge since they need 2x amp? But im not sure if they get a better chance then 2h weapons cause in the end dual wields at +9, id say is stronger then a labrys at +9. My opinion.


    I dont know if devs have balanced amp chances in any patches - to make it easier or harder. Its never been offcially stated in any update.


    I guess we should bring this up with snorlax - he usually aswers questions like this.



    agreed, :)

  7. Just raise the level cap in next update. No also make new weapons and also new fraction and also new market and also new method of getting weapons and also new ways to get gold and also put weapons in shop and also new look and also new war zones and also  hmmm. . . . . that's all for now :blush: :rofl:



    You don't want much :rofl:

  8. taking a  breal is fine. I did for 2mo, but I dont understand why amp system is still a problem? Have you ever played a f2p game without a amp system? I shouldnt say ive played alot of games, bbut in the 3 f2p mmo-rpgs ive played all have had amp systems. And they have been alot more expensive and lower succes-rates.


    I think ppl are pissy cause swamp is the biggest benefit for ppl that play on phone devices and not playing on a pc for 8h a day. I think after balance patch on swamp its nice and now no group can hold monopoly anymore. Randomness is boring at times, but it balances with grinding better that way. Besides dont you think gear and lv cap is going up soon and then swamp is going to be perfect for lvling players. One day its going to be in perspective to alot bigger game.



    You may be a long haired but i'v read a few of your posts an you make abit of sence, however, I  don't think 150 sign an damage is acceptable for a rangers weapon, why they take more than any other :( thats only to +6 btw an a staff went to +7 n about 15 to 20 or less. i wont by mcoin no more, duck that rip off shit.

  9. Hay just want to ask the devs or anyone who may know, but has the defence of the ranger been slightly changed so its abit weaker now? and has the blessing been changed so it don't follow up with so many hits in 1 shot or not to crit as much??, My ranger feels like a noob all of a sudden an i haven't changed nothin :( things i could kill on my own before i can't do now, I.E fire couger? thats pathetic hes easy  :cray:

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