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  1. #1 Pro Player? Since when?
  2. Arena: Full arena gear. In pvp arena belt, then mix either 2 dd/kw or heroics and 2 arena gears.
  3. lvl 1 dk and bd has 648 hp lvl 1 pala has 589, that's -59 for pala. Then try to lvl them up to 2, 3 or 4, if pala gets lesser extra hp on each lvl I'm pretty sure you will answer this question ;)
  4. My brother was died also because of addiction on MMOs ( brain tumor ). May her (patahh) soul rest in peace.
  5. 1st: tanks gets more extra HP in each lvl than rogues, druids & ..... 2nd: some class have 5 or 4 percent extra hp on bonus skill, Im too lazy to check it ( it's barb I guess ) 3rd: Depends on equipments and enchants.
  6. Pro camper from Emerald! :bomb:
  7. 7 pages and counting :good: qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
  8. try Giftailor :drinks: no delay, unlike other symbian ss apps.
  9. Im giving that guy a daily - :dirol:
  10. Those 5 ppl who voted debuffer are dumb. That +10 homo does not have skills, he doesnt even know how to land his circle on his opponent. That homo should be on MOST HIGH amp section poll not BEST.
  11. Selling Killing Whisper Brigandine and Bracelets. PM me here in forum, tell your offer and your in game name.
  12. Yes its very usefull against sneeking rogues and hunting ppl who hides :spiteful:
  13. Yes rogue is only for fun (trolling) :crazy: but DK is an all arround class not only for trolling :good:
  14. now back to the screenshots? :crazy:
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