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  1. ah touchscreen player ? i prefer landscape mode, put hotkeys panel to Center, and put the skills as u wish.
  2. its already easier than before.. hotkeys 6-9 moved to QWERT is easier now 😄
  3. "Leto of The Hungry" Nicole Saint Clair is a Vampire, She is known as Leto of The Hungry, because she has managed to conquer the Heroes and made them her army. She had always considered Sam Hain, She was fed-up because no candidate who was able to "frighten" Sam Hain and his ally, and now She had decided to make Sam Hain become his army. She was putting up a trap called "Prison of the death" for scare Sam Hain and his ally. Everyone who enters the trap will get a bloody curse every 20 seconds for 5 seconds, and visibility is very limited. She giving a mission to her army consisting of Deadman and Victims whom she has succeeded in "fearing" to frighten opponents including Sam Hain who entered the trap . For anyone who succeeds in overcoming all obstacles from the figure of the vampire, will get a chance to fight with the vampire at the end of the Dungeon. The Vampire figure is very beautiful and sexy, which can lure its victims, so that nobody knows if she is a vampire, the hero who is captivated by the beauty of the vampire, his blood will sucked in and transformed into his army. Coldknife Us-Sapphire The picture is non-fictional character. Of course hehe. I need to learn more english 😄 so bad ..
  4. is lv28 still relatable to get drop on marakosh bosses? 😛
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