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  1. ah touchscreen player ? i prefer landscape mode, put hotkeys panel to Center, and put the skills as u wish.
  2. its already easier than before.. hotkeys 6-9 moved to QWERT is easier now 😄
  3. "Leto of The Hungry" Nicole Saint Clair is a Vampire, She is known as Leto of The Hungry, because she has managed to conquer the Heroes and made them her army. She had always considered Sam Hain, She was fed-up because no candidate who was able to "frighten" Sam Hain and his ally, and now She had decided to make Sam Hain become his army. She was putting up a trap called "Prison of the death" for scare Sam Hain and his ally. Everyone who enters the trap will get a bloody curse every 20 seconds for 5 seconds, and visibility is very limited. She giving a mission to her
  4. is lv28 still relatable to get drop on marakosh bosses? 😛
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