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  1. iya nih btw clan udh gk tau gmana nasibnya :'(
  2. nanti aku bagi2 imp horn kalo menang @}- wkwkwkwk
  3. u are will smith a rapper from Azerbaijan
  4. very nice ;D but i see transparent word on pictures like this " the bond beetween people title uoy "maybe like that, what is that?
  5. here we got the winner, congratulations ;D
  6. " NATURAL BORN BLOCKERS " Eu - Emerald DESCRIPTION Swords, the symbol of our Critical Attack Shuriken, the symbol of our skill and accuracy Shield, the symbol of our Strength and Defense Wings, the symbol of our Evasion moves and Fire of Dragon, symbol of our Burned Spirit never tired killing the Sentinels. our motto "NO WAY FOR SENTINELS" the meaning of Sentinels can't go trough our Barricade . " We are NATURAL BORN BLOCKERS, our primary mission is blocking all sentinel players doing Chainless League quest. Lets do team work and make all sentinels recognize our Strength and Power. With our Spirit and Power we can make Elves and Chosens fail doing chainless. not only Blocking, we can doing something like Events, Hunting, and many more.. lets happy together ;D " i edit this pic using Picsin on my Samsung galaxy mini
  7. yeah laggggggggggggg
  8. yeahh i wasting maybe 10 minutes ;D
  9. i trapped at this new venue on first update with bug ;D
  10. i buying holiday bags 10x only 8k and i get vampires costume, im very lucky ;D
  11. 11:59 pm = peaceful 12:00 am = kamp gasphel burned into the inferno
  12. uchiha madara hairstyles or Andy Biersack hairstyles
  13. Aankmamuju


    yeah maybe on Facebook just for gallery
  14. if u join best drawing contest before, u will win
  15. who need help six shadow? pm gumiho ;D
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