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  1. wow :yahoo: nice bro ;D but only 2minute effect :'( hehehe
  2. maybe i can win if i use this item :yahoo:
  3. lololololol :D :yahoo: :rofl: :lol:
  4. yeah, but user pc can use this feature ..i hope aigrind make all devices can't using alliance chat for showing items..
  5. yeah, but user pc can use this feature .. i hope aigrind make all devices can't using alliance chat for showing items..
  6. cant showing items to alliance chat (android) this is bug? or this feature not compatible for android?
  7. fix this too * guild chat not showing chat on guild chat window * cant show item to alliance chat (android) sorry for bad English ;D
  8. FIX THIS BUG!!!!! *force close when write on guidl chat (android) *can't showing items to alliances chat (android)
  9. Aankmamuju


    nice bro ;D ur guild is great ;D congratulations bro ;D
  10. who is Mamuju paladin lvl 1 at eu emerald? he is not me, someone create char and using nick "Mamuju" for scamming at elf, then Bestmc say he hacked by me. lol everyone know i never Scamming or Hacking, i know so many elfs hate me because i always stay blocking road near lake to block elfs doing chainless, but if u really HATE me, find me and kill me.. don't create any char using name like my name for scamming or hacking, because so many people's at warspear know who is me. and Bestmc want to send Screenshot of Mamuju paladin lvl 1 to GM. lol... AANKMAMUJU shaman lvl 20 : its me MAMUJU paladin lvl 1 : its not me. just for info : my name mean AANK is my real name MAMUJU is name of my town where i live at Indonesia. if u find someone using name AANK or MAMUJU for scamming or hacking, he is not me. and sorry for my bad English, i hope everyone read this. thx
  11. maybe this is new version of smf cms or maybe bug? hmmm.. keep calm and wait for 3.5 ;D
  12. hassn always show his +10 gears and weapons but his acc still safe on his hand :unknw:
  13. rock,metal,metalcore,heavymetal,hardrock screamo(i don't really like, but i think i influenced by this genre)
  14. selling earth sorcerer pm me in game aankmamuju mc eu emerald aankk eu emerald
  15. bkt po pa heal ty hnd e salamat
  16. its look like a7x deathbat logo if u use bat wing ;D
  17. mungkin lebih bagus klo tulisan sky tail nya kmu gambar jg.. ;D
  18. try using an image hosting and use bbcode to show your emblem
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