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  1. u know u have a good startegy aigrind, first the perfect timing, x2 gp and costume wow! so all guilds will be drained out of seeker and pot before holloween, then at first few hours of event x5 x6 troll drops, so that makes people think they might get the drop if they spam. then u restart server for 1 min , reduce or evene DELETE troll costume drop chance. and the next day i online 24 hours and 0 troll costume drop out of atleast 1000dung spams ๐Ÿ˜„ nice aigrind very very nice, u are trying so hard to fill ur own pockets full of money . and reply me if im wrong ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. we are in july and still i cant buy mcoins . well im from iran and steam is the only way that i can buy mcoins with. i play ws for over 6-7 years. trust me the developers and staff seems like they are just gave up on this game. there is nothing new and u surely are losing players. ur game had the potential to become world num 1 game trust me. but the company and devs didnt deserve it . goodluck
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